3:14 pm - Tuesday December 18, 3060

Lamborn Statement on Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

What I am Fighting for in Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-O5) released the following statement regarding the ongoing negotiations between Congressional Leaders and the White House on how to avoid the so-called Fiscal Cliff: “The key thing in any negotiation is to know what you are fighting for. I am fighting for America’s Middle Class and our children and grandchildren. I do not want to leave them a crushing national debt that they must work to pay off. “My generation inherited a strong, vibrant, growing economy. Like all my fellow Americans, I want to leave the same for my children and grandchildren. “President Obama, on the other hand, is fighting to raise our taxes. Raising taxes is not the solution to out-of-control spending. It will only encourage more spending and more debt. The solution is to responsibly cut spending. Washington doesn’t have a taxing problem, it has a spending problem. “Today’s federal debt puts a crushing burden on our children and grandchildren – each child’s share of the debt is $51,000 today… by 2016 it will be $69,000. “In these Fiscal Cliff negotiations, I want to see President Obama put forward a plan to cut spending, including reforms to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. It is not too late to save those programs for future generations, if we reform them now. “These talks need to be about cutting spending and saving our children and grandchildren from debt, and not about trying to squeeze more money from taxpayers who are already taxed enough.” – Doug Lamborn (CO-05)



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