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Ken Follett recreates a world in turmoil

After captivating millions of readers with his thrilling recount of early 20th century events in the novel La caída de los gigantes (Fall of Giants), best-selling author Ken Follett now takes us through two decades that changed the world forever in his latest book, El invierno del mundo (The Winter of the World)-Vintage Español $22.00, the second volume of The Century Trilogy.


In El invierno del mundo we follow the lives of the same five families that we were introduced to in La caída de los gigantes, only that now the major characters from the first volume of the Trilogy take on supporting roles, while their children move through the incredible years that shaped their lives in a world that seemed to be crumbling. Through the eyes of his characters, Follett embarks readers on a journey that begins in 1933 with the Nazi Party’s rise to power and ends with the first signs of the Cold War in 1949, but the real centerpiece of the chronicle is his grueling recreation of World War II.


In this epic novel, Follett recreates a world in turmoil as never before. The backdrop is a Europe in ruins, broken again by wars and ideological conflicts. There’s the burning of the Reichstag and the terrifying rise of Adolf Hitler; political unrest in London and civil war in Spain.  There’s also Pearl Harbor and the birth of the atomic bomb.


Follett proves once again that he is able to weave history and earth-shattering political events with tremors of romance. He delivers heart-pounding storylines that entertain from beginning to end.


El invierno del mundo  is an intricate yarn where five families from different countries-England, Wales, Russia, Germany, the United States-are once again intertwined in a complex set of interconnecting narratives. The Williams, the Fiszherberts, the Peshkovs, the Ulrichs and Dewars move this massive Century trilogy along. In Follett’s second installment, the characters carry the story forward through 16 years. Their personal lives humanize what would otherwise be one of the most brutal and disturbing periods in history.


While his characters are desperately trying to survive a world in crisis; Follett coherently juggles the multiple narratives with sharp twists, gripping recounts, raw violence and his keen eye for recounting details.


El invierno del mundo leaves us yearning for more. But there is no need to fear, for at the end Follett lays the groundwork for the third volume of the Trilogy that will follow: the postwar era and the Cold War.


About the author

Ken Follet is a best-selling author of thrillers and historical novels. He was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1949. He has sold more than 100 million copies of his work.  Four of his books have reached the number 1 ranking on the New York Timesbest-seller list: The Key to RebeccaLie Down with Lions,Triple, and World Without End. Follett lives with his family in London and Hertfordshire.



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