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CSPD Graffiti Information

The graffiti team consists of Mark Davis and Dennis Robinson {a part-time employee} and help from community service clients, people that are court ordered to help the community.


The graffiti team in 2012 has abated 4000 locations, with an average of 333 locations per month.


A grand total of 15,150 locations abated since 2008.


For 2012 14,000 graffiti tags have been abated and 68,900 tags have been abated since the beginning of the program starting in 2008.


The team helps out thousands of private citizens and clean up city property as well.


The graffiti team is also responsible for abating code violations that are not taken care of by the home owners; cutting tall weeds, removing trash, boarding up dilapidated buildings. The owners are billed and the money goes back into the general fund.


The team enjoys helping people remove graffiti from cars, motor homes, fences and homes.  In most cases, citizens don’t know how to remove it and it would be very costly to have someone clean it off.


All graffiti is tracked in a graffiti data base; Diana Bryant enters all the data and completes a police report for every location that is cleaned up



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