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Critics say stats often mislead women on risk of rape

The real risk of rape

Critics contend inflated statistics overestimate the real risk while diminishing the brutal nature of the offense

By Bonnie Pritchett

Caterina Rodriguez had only been in college for about six months when she became a statistic. After spending a night out drinking with her friends, Rodriguez made her way back to the dorm, bumping into a friend who had also been drinking.

Their usually friendly conversation took an unwanted turn when he began making sexual advances. She tried to rebuff him but admitted being so intoxicated she almost passed out. In an awkward exchange of emails the next day, he apologized for getting out of hand. Ashamed and heartbroken, Rodriguez never reported the incident.

According to a non-peer reviewed study repeatedly cited by campus police, women’s advocacy groups and even the White House, one in four or five college women will become victims of rape or sexual assault before they graduate. Despite the statistic’s widespread acceptance and the corroboration stories like Rodriguez’s provide, the numbers aren’t actually true.

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