2:22 am - Wednesday December 13, 2017

Colorado Charter School Institute Approves Four New Charter Schools in Colorado

The Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI) received four applications for schools to join their portfolio for the 2013-2014 school year and unanimously approved all of them at their December 18th Board Meeting. Each year, CSI accepts applications from a variety of constituents, including one or more individuals, a nonprofit, governmental, or other entity or organization, or by an existing charter school authorized by a local school district.

This year, there are three schools applying from Colorado Springs School District 11 and one from Adams-Arapahoe: Global Village Academy – Colorado Springs, James Irwin Charter Academy, Mountain Song Community School, and Montessori del Mundo, respectively.

“We hope this process gives Colorado students and families options they may not have otherwise and it provides our educators the opportunity to create and work in a school where they can shape the learning environment for their students. It also allows for communities to have more input in meeting the unique educational needs of their children,” says Executive Director Ethan Hemming.

The four schools all boast four very different education models, to which Hemming states, “CSI believes that promoting a variety of successful and innovative educational designs is paramount when expanding and enhancing school choice within the state of Colorado.” The Colorado Charter School Institute has already approved two new schools for their portfolio next year: one transfer from the Mapleton School District, New America School – Denver, and one replication to be located in Fort Collins, Global Village Academy – Fort Collins.

The Colorado Charter School Institute is an independent state agency. It currently serves 23 charter schools across Colorado in their portfolio with enrollment of more than 10,500 students. A charter school is a publically-funded, independently-operated public school that does not charge tuition or fees. Charter schools are open to all students who wish to attend and cannot discriminate when making enrollment decisions.



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