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OJC’s 3rd Annual Math Olympiads Announces Results

The OJC’s Math and Science department hosted its 3rd Annual OJC Math Olympiads on November 7th.  Top middle and high school math students participated in the in event this year.  The OJC Math Olympiads provides a fun and challenging environment intended to foster growth and confidence in students’ learning and abilities for the understanding of mathematical concepts. The mission of the OJC Math Olympiads is to enable all students to understand, utilize, communicate, and appreciate mathematics as a tool in everyday situations in order to become life-long learners and productive citizens.


“This is a tremendous opportunity to show how math can be fun and relevant,” said Wayne Beadles, OJC Math Instructor.  “The Math Olympiads celebrates some of my favorite things, math and science.”  Education, math and science are at the heart of innovation and industries that will advance our economy.  “Our goal was to make available information and experiences in the math and sciences in hopes of encouraging students to pursue careers in these fields,” said Dr. Joel Gray, department chair.


“The Math Olympiad was designed to encourage and feed our area’s young mathematicians’ appetite for a little friendly competition,” states Debbie Phillips, OJC Coordinator of Campus and Community Events.  Students’ grades 6-12 from five area school districts and home schooled middle and high schools competed in one of three levels of math competition.  Level 1 was for middle school students who had not taken Algebra I.  Level 2 included students who had taken Algebra I or any higher level of high school math course.  The Level 3 competition was for students who have or are currently taking AP or college level math courses.  Area teachers whom selected the students also assigned their level of expertise.


Students were divided into groups and while some groups attended a workshop about math and the other groups settled in to take their math test.  Students were given 50 minutes to complete the test.  Once scored and winners determined an awards ceremony was held in the Ed Stafford Theatre.  Winners were presented with award certificates and letter jacket chenille with their Level and Placing.  In additional first place winners in levels 2 and 3 received an OJC Scholarship for a 5 credit course and the Level 1 winner received a TI83 calculator.  Second place finishers received a laptop backpack and 8g Jump Drive and third place received a laptop sleeve.


Other awards presented to students included: Gold Level Achievement Certificates for superior proficiency on the Mathematical Olympiad Competition Exam, Silver Level Achievement Certificates for outstanding proficiency, and Bronze Level Achievement Certificates for proficiency.


OJC’s Math and Science Department supports the efforts to increase the understanding of mathematics and science at all age levels. OJC supports projects and programs promoting mathematics and science education through a variety of outreach programs for our area youth including the Math Olympiads, the Science Olympiads, Science Fair and Girls in the Middle.

Otero Junior College and the Math and Science Department are committed to offering students a positive and supportive environment in which to study mathematics. OJC strives to help students develop confidence and competence as they practice and apply skills introduced in their math courses.

The OJC Science and Math Department thanks all area students who participated.  A special thank you to the teachers, who encouraged their students, taught them and brought them to compete for their hard work and dedication to mathematics education in our schools.


Math Olympiads Winners


Level 1, Middle School

First Place – Derick Carroll, Manzanola

Second Place – Jacob Chambers, Cheraw

Third Place – Dustin Carroll, Manzanola

Gold Level Awards:

Alecia Rumrill, Home Schooled

Alexis Ortega, Swink

Destiny Clarke, Cheraw

Hope Roweth, Swink

Zach Kamran, Swink

Silver Level Awards:

Emmallee Krieger, Manzanola

Troy Valencia, Swink

Jade Mora-Menges, Swink

Mia Padilla, Manzanola

Brandon Amrheim, Swink

Bronze Level Awards:

Drew Yochum, Cheraw

Annette Torres, Manzanola

Cody Schrock, Cheraw

Nigel Gronemeyer, Cheraw


Level 2, High School

First Place Scholarship to OJC for five (5) credit hours of tuition – Britt Wren, Swink

Second Place – Mackenzie Mayo, Cheraw

Third Place – Ashley Jordan, La Junta

Gold Level Awards:

Ethan Burgess, La Junta

Alexis Hext, La Junta

Kylie Krueger, Swink

Mikey Weber, Swink

Chris Harris, Manzanola

Silver Level Awards:

Corbin Sanchez, Cheraw

Bryar Kirkland, Swink

Deborah Settle, La Junta

Donavan Ramirez, La Junta

Bronze Level Awards:

Tyler Horiuchi, Swink

Marie Mora-Menges, Swink

Josh Krabenshue, Swink

Skylar Jaramillo, La Junta

Blake Denton, Swink

Kyle Schrock, Swink

Samantha Bartolo, Swink


Level 3, College/AP

First Place Scholarship to OJC for five (5) credit hours of tuition – Mark Johnson, Swink

Second Place – Devin Palomino, Fowler

Third Place – Samuel Long, Fowler

Gold Level Awards:

Seth Nixon, La Junta

Bethany Bender, La Junta

Silver Level Awards:

Torrey Davis, Swink

Damien Nunez, La Junta

Coltin Grasmick, OJC

Bronze Level Awards:

James Norris, Fowler

Alan Peil, Manzanola

Kayla Dawson, Swink



Photo Caption: Level  1,  Middle School, winners of OJC’s 3rd Annual Math Olympiads were: 3rd Place – Dustin Carroll, Fowler Middle School; 2nd Place – Jacob Chambers, Cheraw Middle School; 1st Place – Derick Carroll, Fowler Middle School



Photo Caption: Level 2, students taking Algebra I and above high school math courses,  winners of the OJC’s 3rd Annual Math Olympiads were: 3rd Place – Ashley Jordan, La Junta High School; 2nd Place – Mackenzie Mayo, Cheraw High School; 1st Place – Britt Wren, Swink High School


Photo Caption: Level 3, students taking college and or AP math courses, winners of the OJC’s 3rd Annual Math Olympiads were: 3rd Place- Samuel Long, Fowler High School: 2nd Place Dustin Palomino, Fowler High School; 1st Place – Mark Johnston, Swink High School




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