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Mi coleccion

More Than 100 Unforgattable Songs,

Re-recorded In The Voices Of Great Regional Mexican Stars

To speak about MI COLECCIÓN [My Collection] is to remember those great Regional Mexican music stars, who in their respective genres have achieved outstanding success transcending borders and becoming part of Mexico ‘s music history and other countries as well.


MI COLECCION represents the sentiment of the people… a popular manifestation interpreted by artists from diverse musical genres including Banda, Norteño and Tropical, who have left a true musical legacy for all the faithful followers of these genres.

This collection features songs interpreted in the voices of the following stars: BANDA SINALOENSE MS, LADRON, SAMURAY, TIGRILLOS, ANA BARBARA, DUELO, LA ORIGINAL BANDA EL LIMON, LOS ANGELES DE CHARLY and the unforgettable RIGO TOVAR.

This magnificent collection is comprised of 18 of these groups’ greatest hits, totaling more than 100 songs that will not only make us remember romantic times, but also the music that makes us dance up a storm at live events.

MI COLECCION is available in digital and physical formats today, October 30, 2012.

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