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After a two year studio hiatus, LARRY HERNANDEZ releases two albums

“Capaz de Todo” and “Larryvolución”.

After topping the radio charts in Mexico and the United States with his single “Sin Ganas de Cenar”, LARRY HERNANDEZ features today, October 30th, the release of two separate albums. The first, composed of songs is titled “Capaz de Todo” and the second composed of corridos is “Larryvolución”, an album that also presented a first single “Mas Que Suerte”, released for sale in digital format only and procuring a high demand since day one (along with “Sin Ganas de Cenar”) by buyers looking to hear the latest LARRY HERNANDEZ material.

The album “Capaz de Todo” includes the tracks: “Sin ganas de cenar” (Norteña), “Kilitos de más”, “Ya me cansé”, “Me gustas”, “Instinto animal”, “Capaz de todo”, “Un año entero”, “Cincuenta mentadas”, “Dame tu amor”, “Plan de ataque”, “Sin ganas de cenar” (Banda) and “A escondidas”. A total of 12 ballads, accompanied by the rythm of banda and norteño, a style that has given LARRY HERNANDEZ much success in his previous singles and productions.

Always one to give his audience more, LARRY also releases the album “Larryvolución”, a production composed entirely of corridos such as: “Más que suerte”, “El borrachales”, “Armadura de consigna”, “El polimenso”, “Conexiones Culiacán”, “El regalo”, “El tigrillo”, “Gente VIP”, “El padrino”, “El soldado desconocido” and “El jaguar” – all with the unmistakable style of LARRY HERNANDEZ that people call for in each of his performances.

Predicting a sure hit for this LARRY HERNANDEZ double-release, one cannot ignore the incredible trajectory of the first single, “Sin Ganas De Cenar”, which positioned itself at the top of radio charts and has more than a million  YouTube views ( on banda & norteño versions) in just a little over a month since its launch. The video is also one of the most requested in video channels in Mexico and the United States due to the originality of the storyline in which LARRY, although not part of the starring couple, acts as the narrator of the story, “coming and going” even though the characters cannot see him, in the role of “counselor and supervisor of her evil deeds against him,” a true “elegant devil” in a video with an unexpected end and a deliciously comical and naughty tone.

For now, and with the launch of the two albums in Mexico and the United States, LARRY HERNANDEZ continues an intense concert tour, also promoting his own reality show “Larrymania”, a program with record ratings and that showcases the artist’ life off stage, on for his audience’s enjoyment every Sunday night on mun2.

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