12:37 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

Jaime Camil Presents His Latest Album “Por Ella… Soy Eva”‏

Jaime Camil presents his latest album “Por Ella… Soy Eva”, soundtrack of the soap opera with the same name

“Por Ella… Soy Eva” includes 11 tracks by Ettore Grenci, Leonel García, Noel Schajris, Yoel Enríquez, Jesús Navarro and Julio Ramírez among others and will be available in all formats starting today

The album also includes duets with Damiana (The Voice Mexico) and Bianca Marroquín, renowned singer and Broadway actress and a special participation by Noel Schajris on the piano

“Por Ella… Soy Eva” airs weekdays on Univision Network at 8pm

 Jaime Camil, in his role as a singer, presents his latest album “Por Ella…Soy Eva,” produced by Ettore Grenci. “Por Ella….Soy Eva” is the soundtrack for the soap opera of the same name produced by Rosy Ocampo, where Jaime takes on four different personas: Eva, Juan Carlos, Juan Peron and Juan Perez.

Jaime Camil has three albums that have reached platinum sales in Mexico; “Para estar contigo” and “Una vez más,” both produced by Grammy winners Rudy Pérez and Kike Santander and his third album, “Jaime Caimil Vol. 3,” co-produced by Jaime and WWM Music.

In “Por Ella… Soy Eva,” Jaime not only gives us great performances on the 11 tracks contained in the album, but gracefully gives life to the seemless work of talented songwriters of our time including Monica Velez, Ettore Grenci, Leonel Garcia, Noel Schajris, Yoel Enríquez, Jesús Navarro, Julio Ramirez and many more.

The album also features duets with Damiana (The Voice Mexico) and Bianca Marroquin, renowned singer and Broadway actress along with a special piano performance by Noel Schajris.

Ten of the eleven songs on the album are unedited and it includes a cover of Arturo Castro’s “Llorando Por Dentro.” Without a doubt, “Por Ella…Soy Eva” will place Jaime Camil as one of today’s most recognized performers. The first single, “Por Ella…Soy Eva” is already a hit in Mexico, positioning itself at the top of national radio.


1.         Por Ella… Soy Eva

2.         Ahora lo entiendo

3.         A contracielo (Dueto con Damiana)

4.         El Sexo Débil

5.         Hoy

6.         Llorando por dentro (piano: Noel Schajris)

7.         Sólo tú, Sólo yo (Dueto con Bianca Marroquín)

8.         Siente

9.         Déjame ir

10.       Ten cuidado

11.       Tú

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