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Hot Night Fusion Dances

Community-Minded Dance presents Hot Night Fusion Dances


Four Internationally Renowned Tango and Blues Dancers Come to Denver

to Share Their Talent as Performers and Teachers


Denver, the local nonprofit, Community-Minded Dance (cmDance) presents Hot Night Fusion Dances. The next two Hot Night Fusion Dances are Nov. 10 & Dec. 8, but are held monthly on the second Saturday and offer two different dance lessons taught be world class champions of social dancing as well as open dance floor social dancing to DJ’d music. These events are focused on teaching Fusion dancing, this popular style of dancing takes dance steps from Blues, Tango, Swing, and other Latin dance styles, and blends them together into a fresh new innovative dance form. The evenings also include performances by the instructors for all to enjoy.


Hot Night Fusion Dances offer a relaxed atmosphere of diverse dancers all eager to blend their unique styles, strengths, and backgrounds as dancers together to create something new and exciting! The welcoming environment and diverse backgrounds of those attending allows even the novice to feel comfortable to try dancing for the first time.


Every month a different specific dance style is taught which can then be blended into the fusion style for open social dancing to follow. Talented award-winning guest instructors with a wide range of teaching styles and personalities rotate throughout the year which keeps classes fresh and exciting. This also allows instructors to teach their areas of expertise and strengths most of all.


November’s classes focus is Tango and features guest Tango instructors, Jaimes Friedgen and Christa Rodriguez. Friedgen is one of the most influential Tango dancers to have ever come out of the American Tango scene. A large number of the country’s prominent touring instructors have derived great inspiration from his dancing and teaching, either from afar, or through direct coaching. One of his greatest goal is to develop the most effective system of teaching Tango ever created. Friedgen’s dance partner of nine years, Rodriguez, is equally talented. Embraced by the international Tango scene as an extraordinary talent in the classroom, Rodriguez’s direct teaching style is both effective and charming.


December’s Hot Night switches gears as the classes feature Blues and spotlight the incredible talent and instruction from Chris Harm and Brenda Russell. Australian native, Harm’s dedication to popularizing Blues dancing led him to found two of the largest internationally known Blues dance festivals, one in Dublin, Ireland and the other in Berlin, Germany. He is well respected in the dance community for his use of colorful imagery and playful games to help students internalize ideas and concepts in the most natural and organic ways possible.


“It takes an athlete to dance and an artist to be a dancer and I strive to create a perfect blend of both in my teaching style,” states Harm.


Harm’s dance partner, Russell, complements him well with her strength at being able to break down the dances in

a way that is accessible to any student, even those without a dance background.


“I strive to help my students find the dancer with-in them, taking inspiration from dancers of the past,” states



Every month following the classes the open floor social dancing portion of the evening begins. Local DJs John Miller and Noah Nethero masterfully mix tango, blues, and latin for everyone’s pleasure. Nethero is the House DJ for Mercury Cafe’s Tuesday Night Blues for the past two years and this year he is DJing at the world’s largest Fusion dance event, Fusion Exchange.


“I believe dancing should be based on your connection to the music, not about recreating another era or being a period re-enactor, rather leave that mindset behind and create the dance today that generations will look back and remember as the zeitgeist of that era. That’s why I love Fusion dancing!” shares Nethero.


The goal of Community-Minded Dance’s Hot Nights is keeping dance and the innovation of new social dance forms accessible to all while preserving early 20th century social dances and the music that made them possible.


Hot Night Schedule

Sat. Nov. 10, Dec. 8 and every second Sat. of the month moving forward.

7:00pm-9;15pm classes; 9:30pm-1:45am open floor for social dancing to DJ’d music

City Hall Night Club, 1144 Broadway, Denver 80203

(On occasion the venue changes to Bar Standard, 1031 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203


Class- $5 each, Social Dance Only- $10, Both Classes + Social Dance- $18 ($15 for students, veterans,

seniors with ID) EARLY BIRD SPECIAL- $16 Group rate available for 5 or more people- $14


Tickets can be purchased at the door, online at www.tangobluesfusion.com or call, 303.883.6691


About Us


Community-Minded Dance (cmDance) is a Denver-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides educational dance programstaught by expert local and guest instructors to prekindergarten through 12th grade students within Colorado schools. cmDance’smission is to promote and preserve vintage dances of the Americas from the early 20th century through education to foster the next generation of dancers and musicians. In addition to our school-based programs, cmDance hosts dance and music festivals that bringworld-champion instructors, musicians, and dancers to educate audiences of all ages. These programs feature dances such as: Lindy Hop, Argentine Tango, and other vintage and folkloric dances such as Cuebia, Salsa, Swing, Charleston, Balboa, Jitterbug, and Tap. CmDance is dedicated to promoting and entertaining Colorado audiences with unique and historical dance experiences.



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