3:13 pm - Monday December 18, 7234

Election – El Paso County Democratic Party

Statement from Kathleen Ricker, Chair, El Paso County Democratic Party

This was great night and it has been a long and hard campaign season. We Democrats in El Paso County are thrilled and excited to move forward with the work that needs to be done. Starting in the State Legislature with Pete Lee as our representative. Pete has been an exemplary leader starting with his freshman year. We welcome this opportunity to support Pete in the work he has started in education, job creation, criminal justice and the environment.

El Paso County gained a talented and community leader tonight in electing Tony Exum as State Representative to HD 17. Tony will represent everyone in his district as he has pledged many times during his campaign. He knows the community so well having been born and raised here and will be a people’s voice in the State Legislature.

We are thrilled that the country has once again chosen a true transformational leader for our President, Barack Obama. We respect the progress our country has made under his leadership – in passing equal pay for equal work, ending Don’t Ask Don’t tell, ending the war in Iraq and standing up for the military and veterans everywhere by supporting increased aid to the VA and incentives for jobs for the military. We desperately needed change in our health care system and our President had the courage to begin the overhaul.

It has been an incredible four years of accomplishments in the midst of a nightmare recession and because of his courage and vision, the automobile industry is roaring back. So, we pledge tonight that we support our President and hope that through bi-partisan work and cooperation, we can continue to move to forward to make the changes needed to improve the lives of all Americans and at the same time, take responsible stewardship of our environment, our economy and our fiscal crisis.



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