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El Dasa… “Pa´la raza”


*The Regional Mexican release of the year!

*Discovered by Mexican music icon Vicente Fernandez

Woodland Hills, CA (Tuesday, October 30 2012) – Originally from Sonora, Mexico, EL DASA has everything for success: charisma, vocal talent and dance moves like few could ever boast. This is what megastar Vicente Fernández saw when he discovered this young talent, then a 22 year old who happened to be his driver in Los Angeles. What followed was the opportunity of a lifetime: The singer gave El Dasa his first chance to perform on stage, in concert with him on November 17, 2011 at the Gibson Amphitheater, one of the most important venues in the United States.

The young man and the Mexican music icon sang a duet of the song “AMOR DE LOS DOS”, and with the simplicity and humility that Don Vicente is known for, he asked the audience to help support the young singer’s career. That’s how the incredible story of EL DASA began.

A six year career span, DASAHEV LOPEZ SAAVEDRA, shortened his name meaning ‘joy of the people’ in Russian. And that’s exactly what he wants to offer audiences, who’ve already began  to identify him thanks to his first single “MENTIROSA” (Liar), off his debut release ‘PA ‘ LA RAZA’ ( For The People), which goes on sale today, October 30, in digital and physical formats.

EL DASA, a charismatic fun redhead, happy and in love has arrived in 2012 to sow what already ‘smells’ like a successful music career.

The story will continue EL DASA… PA’LA RAZAhas arrived.

For more information on El Dasa visit:

http://universalmusica.com/el dasa/





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