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Death or Quarter

New Book, ‘Death or Quarter,’ Infuses Intellectual Brawn for Male Readers

Paul Blumer’s new novel, “Death or Quarter,” www.PaulBlumer.com , is getting a buzz from an underserved market in literary circles: men.

“Too often in American culture, I feel forced to choose between something being masculine and something intelligent,” writes Amazon reviewer Erik. “ ‘Death or Quarter’ … is a gripping, exciting novel that doesn’t sacrifice prose or simplify storylines in favor of the least common denominator. .. For the others out there who know both the rules of football and the definition of ‘nonplussed,’ this book is for you.”

The novel follows the bouts of glory, desperation, epiphany and shame of Paulie Gaeta, who seeks to transcend his Boston roots in an Italian crime family and, independently, climb up the underworld pedestal as a bare-knuckle champion.

With dozens of illegal prize fights under his belt, Paulie loses a gamble with fate, and earns a 24-year sentence for narcotics trafficking. In prison he finds himself surrounded by potential enemies and impossible choices, and losing touch with the outside world. Faced with insurmountable odds, Paulie must repeatedly fight his way to the top as he battles images from his past. Through it all he faces a recurring choice: death or quarter.

“We all have fights to fight and prisons to survive. It’s all in the mind,” says Blumer. “The hero is a criminal and a killer, but his philosophies are genuine and appealing.

“The characters are based on real people, and I drew quite a bit from my experience teaching creative writing to inmates at San Quentin.”

The book is a dark saga of triumph and suffering, with a plot that never slows – even when it’s in solitary confinement, readers say.

“My son is 19 and, unfortunately, not a big reader. If it’s not required as part of a class, he generally isn’t interested. I left this book out … He picked it up, finished the whole thing, and gave it a thumbs-up. I didn’t expect to like the book due to the story line around fights, but I found it completely engaging!” writes Amazon reviewer dml.

“Blumer does an incredible job creating a sensory-filled journey through one character’s interwoven tales of extreme danger,” writes Amazon reviewer Andrea. “This novel is so cleverly assembled that the reader will eat it up in one sleepless evening.”

About Paul Blumer

Paul Blumer earned his master’s in writing from the California College of the Arts after graduating with his bachelor’s from the University of Michigan. He has taught writing classes at San Quentin State Prison in California, and his experiences outside the classroom help fuel his creativity.



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