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250 high tech jobs in Downtown Colorado Springs

NSG Announces Plans for “Green” Industrial Plant in Downtown Colorado Springs Employing 250

Neumann Systems Group (NSG) is proud to have been awarded a $73.5 million contract that is part of a $121 million project to make the Martin Drake Power Plant in Colorado Springs one of the cleanest coal burning power plants in the country. Equipped with our NSG NeuStream® system The Martin Drake Plant has the potential to operate cost effectively for Colorado Springs rate payers for another 30 years.

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) has included provisions in our project for future emissions controls including removing nitrogen oxides (NOx) and the greenhouse gas, Carbon Dioxide (CO2). With these future upgrades Martin Drake would be cleaner and “greener” than any other coal or gas plant in the country. Operating this “green” Martin Drake plant will cost much less than building and operating a new gas plant with similar controls and emissions limits.

In January, NSG will request the opportunity to present plans to the CSU Board for a new downtown “green” industrial plant co-located at the Drake Site. The over 100,000 sq ft plant would use a” green chemistry” process to extract strategic and rare earth metals and other materials from the fly ash generated at the plant.

The economic benefits to Colorado Springs and particularly downtown Colorado Springs for the four-year project would include 250 high tech jobs and, $400 million in construction expenditures, and on-going economic benefits from $150 million per year in sales of rare earth and strategic metals. Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) would be paid for all expenditures including the sale of 50 MW of power to operate the plant and lease costs for the property on which the plant would be constructed. In addition Colorado Springs Utilities would receive a negotiated percentage of the revenues from the sale of rare earth and strategic metals.

NSG hopes that the CSU Board and City Council as well as the Mayor and other community leaders will welcome this opportunity to expand our growing Colorado Springs based company which is recognized as a world leader in capturing pollutants from power plants and converting them into “green” products for humanity.



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