4:34 pm - Tuesday December 12, 2017

VOTE411.org a Local and National Election Resource

League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region president June Waller
today urged voters to prepare for the upcoming general election by visiting VOTE411.org to find their
polling place, check voting hours, learn about the candidates and ballot measures, and read tips about
voting in Colorado.
“Voters can use simple, helpful tools to help them navigate the voting process and Election Day,” said
Waller. “VOTE411.org is the nation’s premiere online election resource and the League of Women Voters
of the Pikes Peak Region has added our voter’s guide to VOTE411.org as a resource for voters in the
Pikes Peak Region.”
“VOTE411 is a resource for all voters and voters are able to prepare a sample ballot,” Waller said, “We
urge everyone to prepare by visiting VOTE411.org and, of course, to be sure they are registered to vote
and to vote on November 6th general election.”
Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund in October of 2006, we’re pleased that all
Colorado districts are included on VOTE411.org this year.
To help expand access to this information, the League offers several VOTE411.org widgets for use on
Websites. These widgets and access to the site are free. Please access them at
http://www.lwv.org/multimedia/vote411org-widgets-your-website for your own website.



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