3:13 pm - Saturday December 16, 1312

Victory for Transparent Elections in Boulder

Boulder Clerk Agrees to Key Concessions for Observing Mail-in Ballots

DENVER, Colo — With an out-of-court settlement quickly reached, the Independence Institute has helped to win a case ensuring the transparency of Boulder County’s election process.

County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall Monday agreed to key concessions following plaintiff Ralph Shnelvar’s October 19 lawsuit. A bipartisan team of election judges will be assigned to watch the verification of signatures on mail-in ballots, while authorized election watchers will be allowed closer to observe. Also, the Clerk agreed to follow the Secretary of State’s guidelines for careful and consistent handling of overseas and military ballots.

In preparation for the lawsuit, watchers from all major political parties including, Democrat, Republican, American Constitution, and Libertarian, provided information outlining their concerns about the lack of transparency in Boulder County’s election process.

“I’m glad Boulder election officials decided to take a stand for transparency,” said Independence Institute president Jon Caldara. “This agreement will give the people of Boulder County more reason to feel confident in the integrity of this year’s election results. We assume all other counties follow the same agreement and the Secretary of State’s guidelines”

As a result of the agreement, each side will be responsible for its own legal costs. The Denver-based, free-market Institute financially assisted Shnelvar in his action.

The terms of the agreement apply only to Boulder County and only to the current general election. Developing future election standards for the observation of the lengthy election process would require action by state policymakers.

“With more and more people voting by mail, citizens need to be able to watch the process earlier than ever,” Caldara said.

The Independence Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit public policy research organization based in Denver, Colo.



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