3:13 pm - Saturday December 16, 0310

Shuttle Route for Coffin Races

Coffin Race Shuttle Route (East Manitou Springs Long Route for Road Closure 800-900 Block)

Begin Wichita Lot, drop/off pick up patrons in front of restroom

Right turn onto Lovers Lane

Left on to El Paso Boulevard

Right turn on Old Mans Trail into the Tajine Alami Parking lot

Right turn onto El Paso Boulevard

East on El Paso Boulevard

Stop at back lot of Briarhurst Manor Pick up/ Drop off patrons

Right turn onto Mayfair Avenue

Right turn onto Manitou Avenue

Left turn onto Fountain Place toward Manitou Springs High School

Stop at Middle School then Continue

Stop at Manitou Springs High School Lot

Continue down El Monte Place to Oak Place, Left turn toward Manitou Avenue

Right Turn onto Manitou Avenue

Continue East on Manitou Avenue, Stopping at the first entrance to Rodeway Inn

Circle Rodeway Inn Parking lot and Make a right onto Manitou Avenue

Left onto Beckers Lane

Stop at Fields Park Lot

Left onto El Paso Blvd

Head west on El Paso Blvd

Left in Tajine Alami Parking Lot

Right onto Old Mans Trail

Left onto El Paso Blvd

Right onto Lovers Lane

Left into Wichita Parking Lot Drop off Pick up Patrons in front of restroom



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