6:17 am - Thursday December 14, 2017

Shots Fired – several arrested

Pueblo, CO: Throughout the weekend, Detectives with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office have been working an incident involving shots fired, controlled substance, stolen fire arms, and a convicted felon. We have placed into evidence a pound and a half of “crack” cocaine, 6 firearms (including one stolen Ruger handgun), and several thousand dollars. In addition deputies obtained a search warrant for a local hotel room, arrested three individuals, and impounded a Lincoln Navigator.

Just before 4 AM on Friday, September 28th, deputies responded to a shots fired call in a remote area of Pueblo County. An alert resident heard yelling and several shots being fired. Deputies were able to respond to the area within minutes and observed a black Lincoln Navigator pull to the side of the road. As one of the five occupants exited the vehicle, an AR-15 pistol fell onto the pavement. After everyone else was out of the vehicle, a second gun was found hidden, it was determined stolen from a home in the city of Pueblo. While searching the last person to get out of the vehicle, deputies found a white substance, later determined to be “crack” cocaine in a pant pocket. Three of the people in the Navigator were placed under arrest; the other two were questioned and released.

Based on information gathered by deputies, a search warrant for a hotel room on Elizabeth Dr was signed and Pueblo County Narcotics Detectives along with Federal ATF Task Force members searched the room. During the search another four guns were discovered. Also recovered from the hotel room was several thousand dollars in currency, and approximately 21 ounces of “crack” cocaine, estimated street value $30,000.

Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor commends not just his deputies and detectives, who made what he considered a “great bust”, but also the citizens making the original call to 911, the Pueblo Police Department and the ATF Task Force. “This is the model for how people get caught. We took some dangerous people off the streets because of a policing community, effective police work, quality investigations, and agency cooperation. I want to congratulate the deputies on the street and thank them but you can’t dismiss the force multipliers that were in place on this one.”

Below are the names of the men arrested and their charges, additional charges may be pending.

Jesus Mercado Valdez 3/3/88… 5 counts: Possession of a weapon by a previous offender (5F), Possession of Schedule II (3F), Possession of Schedule II with intent to distribute (2F), Special Offender (F), Protection Order Violation (2M)

Ray Jay Aragon 7/20/93… 2 counts: Theft by Receiving (2M), Prohibited Use of a Firearm (2M)

William H Sanchez 4/23/88…1 count: Possession of a Schedule II (4F)



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