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RTD Takes Safety Education to Schools

LAKEWOOD, Colo., October 4, 2012—Safety is the number one priority for the Regional Transportation District (RTD) when building and operating a light rail line. Given that the soon-to-open West Rail Line will run so close to several schools in Jefferson and Denver counties, RTD is taking safety education on the road.

As part of the Safe Routes to School Grant, received from the Colorado Department of Transportation for pedestrian and bicycle safety training and education, RTD is participating in “Safety Roadshows” at schools along the West Rail Line to demonstrate pedestrian and bicycle safety.

The Safety Roadshows are scheduled for elementary schools within four blocks of the West Rail alignment, including Molholm Elementary School, St. Bernadette’s School, Jeffco Open School and Eiber Elementary School. RTD, City of Lakewood, Operation Lifesaver, Bicycle Colorado and West Metro Fire District are participating in the roadshows, each demonstrating a different safety activity for the students. RTD is providing a mock-up light rail crossing to demonstrate how to safely cross at the rail intersections.

“This is a great opportunity for children to learn the proper way to cross the tracks safely before we start testing and operating rail cars,” said Jim Starling, project manager for the West Rail Line.

The RTD mock crossing includes all of the elements at a real light rail crossing: pedestrian gates, lights, signage and sound. The students will be shown how to walk through the rail crossing properly and safely, in addition to receiving other safety information.

“Safety is a major priority for RTD. We do everything we can to educate the public on the precautions that need to be taken once the West Rail Line is operating,” said Starling.

For more information on specific times and dates, please contact Katie Angell at Katie.angell@rtd-denver.com or 303-299-2875.

The West Rail Line is a 12.1-mile light rail line that will serve Denver, Lakewood, Golden, and Jefferson County, connecting Denver Union Station to Jefferson County Government Center. It is scheduled to open on April 26, 2013 with an expected daily ridership of 19,300.

FasTracks will build 122 miles of commuter rail and light rail, 18 miles of bus rapid transit service, add 21,000 new parking spaces, redevelop Denver Union Station and redirect bus service to better connect the eight-county District. Currently, RTD has 81 miles of rail and bus rapid transit in construction or under contract. For more information about FasTracks, visit www.rtd-fastracks.com



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