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Rosario – Venevision



Produced in High Definition (HD) by Venevision Productions, the highly anticipated novela

features a stellar cast headlined by Itahisa Machado, Guy Ecker and Lorena Rojas



In the middle of the international market MIPCOM 2012Venevision International, the global entertainment company of the Cisneros Group, fortifies its status among the leading distributors of the telenovela genre with the successful sale of its latest dramatic series “Rosario.


“The novela is still in the middle of production, but there’s already a buzz in the market and customers are inquiring about it…  To be honest, I can’t really take credit for the sales because when you have a product of the quality of ‘Rosario,’ it makes my job so much easier since it sells itself.  I don’t need to go through an entire presentation with our clients; they already come in asking for it,” boosted Cesar Diaz, Vice President of Sales of Venevision International, from the international market MIPCOM 2012, which continues until October 11th at the Palais des Festivals in the enchanting city of Cannes, France.  Venevision International is located at Stand 14.02.


The highly anticipated telenovela starring Itahisa Machado, Guy Ecker and Lorena Rojas is being produced in High Definition (HD) by Venevision Productions, the U.S. production company of the Cisneros Group; and with all the expectation, it’s already been sold in such countries as Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Venezuela; in addition to Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador and Canada.  The programming produced by Venevision Productions is broadcast in the United States and Puerto Rico exclusively by Univision Communications Inc.’s television networks.


“Rosario” centers on a young woman’s love for the man she never should have fallen for; the love of a man for the woman for whom he swore he could never have feelings; and the inner conflict of a mother who discovers that the man she almost married is now in a romantic relationship with her own daughter.  This captivating original story was written by Alex Hadad, the renowned scriptwriter for the acclaimed telenovela “Eva Luna,” which garnered widespread national and international success.


The production features a stellar cast that includes Zully Montero, Ezequiel Montalt, Natalia Ramirez, Sandra Itzel, Adrian Di Monte, Zuleyka Rivera, Aaron Diaz, Frances Ondiviela and Scarlet Grouber.  Tina Romero, Alberto Salaberry, Rodrigo Vidal, Carlos Garín, Cristina Mason, Fabiola Barinas, Franklin Virguez, Liliana Morillo and Gledys Ibarra complete the acting credits of “Rosario.”


A beautiful and intelligent young woman named Rosario (Itahisa Machado) falls in love with her boss, Alejandro Montalban (Guy Ecker), a prominent attorney 21 years older than her.  Rosario ignores the fact that Alejandro is the same man to whom her mother, Magdalena (Natalia Ramirez), was engaged 21 years before.  But on their wedding day, Magdalena fainted and Manuel (her father) made Alejandro believe that she was raped by Marcos (Alejandro’s enemy) and was pregnant as a result.  The news of Magdalena’s pregnancy was more than Alejandro could bear; ashamed and convinced that he could never love his enemy’s child; he broke off his relationship with Magdalena.  Ironically, many years later that same child, Rosario, becomes the love of his life.



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