3:09 am - Thursday December 14, 2017

Presidential Debate – An Economy that Means More than Money?

Tonight’s presidential debate is expected to be all about the economy.

While President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney discuss money and jobs, the American Sustainable Business Council will be watching for discussion of how that relates to the best interests of the public – for family pocketbooks as well as physical and mental health – and how those benefits can be long-term.

Richard Eidlin, ASBC’s director of public policy and business engagement, says current economic models often reward companies for doing the wrong things for people and the environment. He claims it doesn’t have to be that way in order to make a buck.

“Also, there are lots of studies that show that publicly traded companies, those that are sustainably-oriented, actually produce a higher return to their shareholders.”

Eidlin says responsible business policies can help unleash American innovation and help the nation transition toward a sustainable economy that protects people and the environment – and provides good jobs.

Eileen Fisher is an upscale women’s clothing company dedicated to ensuring a small environmental footprint while lifting up those who manufacture the company’s products. Its sustainability leader, Shona Quinn, says that mission isn’t always easy – but it’s a company core belief.

“Try and develop a business model that contributes to society and the environment, instead of just taking from it or dumping into it – and that’s the big challenge/opportunity for us.”

Eileen Fisher is involved with the ASBC, which advocates for environmental protections, renewable energy, the Affordable Care Act, corporate responsibility and reducing the influence of money in politics. It represents more than 150,000 businesses and 300,000 entrepreneurs.



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