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Outrageous & Affordable Halloween

Professional Production Designer for Horror and Thriller

Films Reveals Fast & Affordable Solutions for an Extreme Halloween.

Turn your Halloween party into an A-LIST buzz worthy event with a few simple tricks of the trade used in low budget thriller, horror and suspense productions. Professional effects designer for television, film and theme park horror nights, Stacy Nelson provides tips and tricks for quickly transforming an average party into an extreme event. She is bringing her confidential style secrets to the public in her book 10 On-Set Secrets HALLOWEEN; Outrageous & Affordable Decorating, Entertaining, Special Effects. Stacy is out to show the public how they can turn their party into a hunted adventure with minimum effort and on rock bottom budgets.

1) CREEPY SCIENCE CENTER: All it takes to transport guests to a mad science lab is a few clear jars and old Halloween props. Simply place a skull, plastic eyeballs or severed hand in the jar and fill with colored liquid, or go EXTREME and use actual animal organs. Pig’s feet, cow brains and chicken livers are readily available and will kick up the creepy factor. Fill jars with water and add a few drops of food coloring or pour in some lively colored sports drinks.

2) PLATTER PLAY: Kick up the nasty by using kids’ toys as serving platters! Cut the head off a plastic dog and stuff him with bread sticks, carve a hole in the head of a toy monkey and fill his head with jalapenos, or carve the middle out of a dolls belly and pour in the salsa. Make your guests dig right into the middle of a baby dolls belly to dip their chips!

3) INTESTINES: For the center of your serving table exchange that typical Halloween pumpkin for a platter of intestines. Soak long thin rolls of white paper towels in strong tea. Squeeze out excess liquid and snake onto a serving platter and allow to dry. Capture that fresh blood mixed with body fluid effect by spreading on raspberry preserves.

With an extensive background in classic horror set decoration, Stacy has 39 hours of prime time television program credits in the thriller, supernatural, and magic genre, as well as seven years of developing horror-themed designs and effects for the world famous Knott’s Scary Farm HALLOWEEN HAUNT in Buena Park, California. Stacy became known in the industry as the decorating TRASH LASSIE for her ability to deliver extreme style on low budgets.





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