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Oral Health Colorado is Rewarded for Excellence


Oral Health 2014 Initiative Building Local Leaders for National Impact

October 16, 2012 – The DentaQuest Foundation is taking another major step in its national movement to address profound oral health disparities in the United States through the second phase of its Oral Health 2014 Initiative. The Foundation announced that Oral Health Colorado will receive funding to support its proposed action plan to develop sustainable models for oral health programs in the schools.

“Oral Health Colorado is a strong and passionate community leader. It has worked hard to build community support for oral health,” said Ralph Fuccillo, President of the DentaQuest Foundation. “Their planning is sound. We are excited to see what develops as they engage their communities to embrace the challenge and opportunity of remediating oral health disparities in their communities.”

Oral Health Colorado is one of 18 state non-profit partners from Alabama, Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia who are part of the Oral Health 2014 Initiative.

“The planning grant we received from DentaQuest last year has enabled us to work with partners throughout the state to develop a solid plan for addressing the oral health needs of children in Colorado,” said Oral Health Colorado Executive Director Karen Cody Carlson. “We are now ready to achieve our vision of impact, which is that Colorado communities have the tools to ensure that elementary and middle school aged children have access to preventive oral health care and a dental home.”

Launched by the DentaQuest Foundation in 2011, the Oral Health 2014 Initiative aims to eliminate systemic barriers that limit access to oral health care by fostering strong community partnerships committed to collective impact. During Phase I, Oral Health Colorado worked to develop multi-dimensional community partnerships and engaged them in the development of an oral health action plan to: · Educate coalition constituents and the public · Help to increase access to comprehensive oral health care · Work with both the public and private dental communities to assure that providers are available for all Coloradans · Develop communications that will share best practices in a variety of settings · Develop and support public policy initiatives that will result in improved oral health for all Coloradans

In the second phase of this multi-year initiative, Oral Health Colorado will work with its partners to implement the plan. The DentaQuest Foundation will support them with $150,000 in funding as well as technical assistance. Coalition partners are donating more than $68,000 in-kind to ensure the success of the project. Oral Health 2014 organizations are working with their alliances of community organizations and community leaders to address one or more of the six priority areas, which have been identified by the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance: 1) prevention and public health infrastructure 2) oral health literacy 3) medical/dental collaboration 4) developing metrics for improving oral health 5) financing models, and 6) strengthening the dental care delivery system.

A distinguished National Advisory Committee of leaders in community health, philanthropy, civic engagement, and founding members of the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance provided guidance to the DentaQuest Foundation in the development of the program and the selection of grantees. The Committee members are:

· Dr. Caswell Evans of the University of Illinois, DentaQuest Foundation Board of Directors and the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance Founding Board of Directors

Paul Gilmer of Triana Energy and a member of the National Community Committee of the CDC Prevention Research Centers Dr. Leslie E. Grant of the National Dental Association and the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance Founding Board of Directors Dr. Dushanka Kleinman of the University of Maryland School of Public Health and the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance Founding Board of Directors Barbara Leonard of the Maine Health Access Foundation Sandra Owens Lawson of CRP Corp. Dr. Lindsey Robinson of the California Dental Association Foundation and the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance Founding Board of Directors, and Dr. Donna Shelley of New York University School of Nursing and Dentistry.

About the DentaQuest Foundation The DentaQuest Foundation invests in national and community-based efforts to improve oral health for all Americans through its support of prevention and access to oral health care, and through its partnerships with funders, policy makers, and community leaders. For more information, please visit www.dentaquestfoundation.org . The DentaQuest Foundation is supported by DentaQuest. DentaQuest is a leading oral health company, administering prevention-focused dental benefits to nearly 15 million individuals across the United States.

About Oral Health Colorado Oral Health Colorado is the statewide oral health coalition, partnering with individuals, organizations and community coalitions to ensure the best oral health for all Coloradans. The mission of Oral Health Colorado is “to develop and promote strategies that achieve optimal oral health for all Coloradans.”




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