2:42 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

Hispanic Chamber of Denver Supports 2A and 3A/3B

Denver, CO – The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver announces its full support for Issues 2A and 3A & 3B on Denver’s ballot for the upcoming elections on November 6th. Measure 2A takes the City of Denver out from under a state-mandated spending cap formula required by TABOR, and allows Denver to retain all taxes collected under current tax rates. Ballot issue 3A & 3B asks Denver voters for additional investments in the Denver Public School System to strengthen educational programs, school building maintenance, renovation, technology upgrades and construction projects.

Recent data reports that 60% of all DPS students are Latinos. Therefore, improving the structural and program quality of DPS is an imperative strategy to raise the performance level of Latinos students and prepare them for college and better paying jobs in the future. Statistics also show that unemployment in Colorado is nearly at 11%, 3 points higher than the state average. Therefore, the 3A and 3B measure may help to be a job creator that will open up opportunities for our members, specially our small businesses.

Measure 2A is important because of the essential role a central city plays in leading the economic growth of a region. It is a well-known fact that regions in the country succeed when they have vibrant core cities. The Chamber supports 2A because it will help the City of Denver recover from the loss in revenue it has suffered from the recession, recover ground it lost its efforts to keep services and infrastructure at its well-known quality and remain vibrant for the good of the region and state.

“Although these are City of Denver issues, supporting them is consistent with the Chamber’s priorities for investments in education that will ensure the quality of our future workforce and in supporting measures that help improve our economic, business and social environment,” stated Guillermo “Bill” Vidal, President & CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver. “Saying yes to these initiatives is an important investment for the Latino community in the region.”

About the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver, established in 1978, is Denver’s first minority chamber of commerce as well as the largest. During the Hispanic Chamber’s 31-year history, it has led the way for minority business development and won local, regional, and national recognition for its achievements, innovations and leadership. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to promote and advance the growth of Hispanic business.

Website: http://www.hispanicchamberdenver.org



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