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A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu




Masterfully dubbed in Spanish, the action series contains six captivating stories

that showcase extravagant martial art combats of Shaolin Kungfu



Venevision International, global distributor of entertainment content of the Cisneros Group of Companies, came to an agreement with APA International Film Distributors for the global commercialization of “A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu,” an adrenaline-packed action series full of incredible martial art battles.


“We are working very closely with Rafael Fusaro, a distinguished industry veteran, to support his efforts in the international exploitation of this great production,” emphasized Cesar Diaz, Vice President of Sales of Venevision International.  “I’m sure this agreement is only the beginning of a long and successful partnership with Rafael and APA International Film Distributors; I’m confident of our capability and the quality of the product, and there’s no doubt that we will continue promoting the commercialization of their catalogue around the world.”


For his part, Fusaro said:  “My relationship with Venevision goes way back, perhaps 30 or 40 years, being that in Venezuela they were one of my main customers, if not the biggest one.  These are executives who I respect since I saw how they grew in their capacities through the years and how they have become very capable people, extremely dedicated and world-class professionals.  As Cesar Diaz said, this is the beginning of what I expect to be a long-lasting relationship.”


“A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu” consists of 42 fascinating episodes lasting 60 minutes each, full of great Kungfu combats.  Masterfully dubbed in Spanish, the production featured 16 martial art champions, as well as an extensive list of actors and celebrities from the Asian country.  The art of Kungfu is today recognized as a symbol of Chinese culture, and a great showcase of this is “A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu.”


There is a temple called Shaolin in the deep mountains of Songshan, the place where this Chinese Kungfu originated.  Shaolin Kungfu emerged some 1,500 years ago in a temple where a Buddhist named Zhiyuan lived, along with his six disciples, who were martial art experts, each a master of a unique Kungfu skill.  Before becoming a monk, Zhiyuan was a military general, but when he rebelled against the cruelties of the Emperor, his entire family was assassinated.  Fortunately, Zhiyuan was able to escape with daughter, Xiyue.  Thus began his quest to save the people, fighting against the Emperor’s tyranny, aided by his expertise of Kungfu, and becoming, along with his daughter and disciples, great heroes.


“A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu” contains six captivating stories: “Rescue Common Girls,” “Fight the Bandits,” “Contend for the Kasaya,” “Grab the Treasure,” “The Love of the Princess,” and “The Revenge of the Prince.”




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