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The Debut Of The Telenovela “El Talismán” In Israel

Produced in High Definition (HD) by Venevision Productions, this enchanting story starring Blanca Soto and Rafael Novoa will premiere on Tuesday, September 11th, beginning at 9:40 PM on the telenovela channel, Viva

The successful novela is part of the company’s programming proposal for the upcoming international market, MIPCOM 2012

Venevision International, a global entertainment company of the Cisneros Group of Companies, announces the debut in Israel of “El Talismán” [The Talisman], the acclaimed telenovela produced in High Definition (HD) by Venevision Productions.  This captivating story starring Blanca Soto, Rafael Novoa and Aaron Diaz will premiere this coming Tuesday, September 11th, beginning at 9:40 PM on Viva, the Pay-TV telenovela channel with one of the highest viewership in Israel.


“The premiere of ‘El Talisman’ in Israel, in addition to its upcoming debut in Indonesia, puts a spotlight on its presentation as part of our programming proposal for the international market MIPCOM 2012, which is just around the corner, taking place at the beginning of October,” stated Cesar Diaz, Vice President of Sales of Venevision International.  “And it’s important to highlight that this telenovela, as well as for all of our most recent programming from our production companies in Venezuela and the United States, are packaged with digital content and properties for their proliferation in social media and the Internet in support of the broadcast of the novela on the traditional screen – a business strategy that’s already a standard procedure for the commercialization of our products.”


At the beginning of this year, the world premiere of “El Talisman” on the Univision network was seen by more than 5 million viewers (2+), making it the most-watched debut in the history of U.S.-produced novelas.  Since then this unforgettable story filled with passion, romance, and intrigue has achieved international success, captivating television audiences in Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Estonia, Guatemala, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Panama and Puerto Rico, in addition to its upcoming debut in Indonesia (October 5th).  What’s more, the telenovela has already been acquired in Colombia, Georgia, Honduras, Paraguay and Venezuela.


“El Talisman” features a renowned cast of distinguished actors, such as Lola Ponce, Sergio Reynoso, Marcela Mar and Julieta Rosen; in addition to the famed Mexican actress, Karyme Lozano.  Located in the breathtaking countryside surrounding Fresno, California, an impressive ranch named “El Talisman” is the centerpiece of this enthralling telenovela featuring superstar Blanca Soto and internationally famous heartthrob Rafael Novoa, along with a world-class cast.  Blanca Soto plays Camila, a young woman whose life takes a drastic turn when she moves to “El Talisman” and meets Pedro Ibarra (Rafael Novoa).


Camila’s father, Esteban Najera (Roberto Vander), is a gambler who loses his Texas ranch in a card game.  However, sometime later he wins the money back and, to start anew, decides to move his family to California, where he buys “El Talisman.”  Its previous owner, terminally ill, sells the ranch to Esteban in order to provide for his daughter, Mariana (Karyme Lozano).  But right before his death, he realizes that the sale was a big mistake and begs Pedro Ibarra, his foreman and protégé, to marry Mariana and recover “El Talisman” at any cost.


Camila’s arrival at her new home marks the beginning of a passionate love story with many twists and turns.  From the moment they meet, she and Pedro realize they are meant for each other.  But there will be many enemies to overcome, beginning with Gregorio Negrete (Sergio Negrete), the owner of the neighboring ranch, who will stop at nothing to take over “El Talisman,” and his scheming children, Lucrecia (Lola Ponce) and Antonio (Aaron Diaz), who fall for Pedro and Camila and conspire to keep them apart.  In addition, Pedro’s marriage to the emotionally unstable Mariana is also a huge obstacle for the couple.


When Gregorio entices Camila’s father to a high-stakes poker game and wins “El Talisman” by cheating, Pedro intervenes and plays his own hand, winning the ranch himself.  Camila is devastated, believing that the man she loves has left her family homeless, and she moves away.  Years later, her work as an agricultural engineer takes her back to the area, where she is reunited with Pedro and realizes she is still in love with him.  Now Camila must face new challenges and adversaries while discovering that the past holds many secrets… and that Pedro is not the villain she thought him to be.  But could it be too late?



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