8:53 pm - Sunday December 10, 2017

Secretary of State Sends 4,000 Letters

On August 17, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler announced that he was sending letters to approximately 4,000 people who his office believes are possible non-citizens. The letter asks individuals to either voluntarily withdraw their name from the voter rolls or verify their citizenship.


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We all agree that only citizens should be voting, but Mr. Gessler does not have the authority to purge voters from the rolls.   In fact, he asked the legislature for the authority to do so in 2011 and they told him NO.

The Colorado Latino Forum is concerned with the intent behind Mr. Gessler’s actions and his lack transparency.

Here’s what we do know

    • Mr. Gessler has a history of exceeding his authority
    • Mr. Gessler has repeatedly placed unnecessary obstacles in the way of eligible voters — often these obstaclesdisproportionately impact minorities, seniors, disabled, and military voters
    • No citizen should have to cut through red tape to prove their eligibility to vote
    • This is yet another example of the need for all eligible voters to register and verify their voter status NOW.

Here’s the ACTION we took to notify community members who may have been targeted by the Secretary of State’s

  • Monday, August 20th: KBNO Radio interview at 12pm with Fernando Sergio
  • Tuesday, August 21st:  1150 AM Radio at 7am with Rodolfo Cardenas
  • Tuesday, August 21st: Univision local news 5pm and 10pm
  • Tuesday, August 21st: Azteca America Noticiero Nacional 3pm

Here are some of the responses we received from our community members who received this letter

  • Stanly, came to the US in 2007, received his driver’s license in 2008. Became a citizen in 2010, registered to vote in 2010.Currently employed at a car rental place
  • Cris came to US in 1976, became a citizen in 2008 and registered to vote in 2008 works as a laborer
  • Melinda and her husband were born in Denver and Walsenburg, respectively, they have always lived and worked in Colorado.

These three cases are just a sample of the, Latino, US Citizens that called our office, confused and frustrated about their need to prove their citizenship, again.


One thing has been clear, everyone that received these letters is motivated to respond…with their vote! Our community will not be intimated or manipulated.





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