3:13 pm - Monday December 17, 1635

Promising developments on US beef

Promising developments on US beef access in three vital export markets were announced earlier this month. These developments eliminate or reduce restrictive trade barriers and offer Colorado an exciting opportunity for economic growth in its vital agricultural export sector.

Mexico , Colorado’s second largest beef export market, has agreed to allow import of four US beef products that had been banned completely since 2003, including small intestines, ground beef, head meat and weasand meat.

Japan, currently Colorado’s third largest beef export market, will soon expand access to include cattle aged up to 30 months from the present limit of 20 months. According to the Japan Times (September 5, 2012) in Tokyo, “Japan plans to ease restrictions on beef imports…probably early next year, based on an agreement reached in principle Wednesday by a health ministry panel.”

El Salvador lifted all age and product restrictions on US beef, which has eliminated the need for an export verification program, the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) said. Chad Russell, USMEF regional director for Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic, remarked that having a wider range of products eligible for El Salvador will help USMEF capitalize on retail promotions in El Salvador’s rapidly growing number of modern supermarkets.



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