3:13 pm - Tuesday December 16, 1823

MyFountain: New Customer Service Initiative

Fountain’s New Customer Service Initiative Emphasizes Citizen Access

Fountain, Colo. – In an effort to help citizens easily request City services and better manage these requests, the City of Fountain has launched a Citizen Request Management system (CRM) called MyFountain.  The new program is provided by Government Outreach and will facilitate communication between the city government and its residents and visitors by automatically routing requests to the appropriate employees, tracking all activity on each request, and providing performance reports and notification to managers.

Citizens can enter a service request online at any time using the MyFountain link on the City’s website: www.fountaincolorado.org.  Staff will also enter citizen requests from the phone, in person or by mail into the web-based program.  Google Map functionality will help pinpoint the exact location of the issue, and multiple language options are available to users.  Another helpful feature is a dynamic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list of popular city topics, which may answer the citizen’s question immediately.

Requestors will receive a message informing them of the expected turnaround time of the service request and will receive a tracking number so they may easily check the status of the request either online or by calling City Hall.  The appropriate City staff member will review the request and follow up with the resident directly, if necessary.  Employees will log all contact with the resident in the system and the requestor will be notified of the solution to ensure the issue has reached a satisfactory resolution.

A mobile application is available to residents who want to submit requests from an Android, iPhone or iPad.  Other web enabled mobile devices, such as the Blackberry can browse the City website and use the mobile version of MyFountain to submit requests.  On iPhones, Androids, and iPad devices, MyFountain application users simply open the application, select an issue, take a picture, and tap submit – the phone records the GPS coordinates for an exact location and sends the request directly to the appropriate employee. The mobile app can be downloaded for free by searching for “GORequest” in the Apple App store or Android Market.

“The new system allows the City to resolve customer requests in a more efficient manner and also promotes accountability among the staff,” said Scott Trainor, Fountain City Manager. “With the new system, the City of Fountain is open for business 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, whether you’re visiting City Hall, online via the web site, or using a free iPhone or Android application to submit requests,” Mr. Trainor added. “Our primary goal is to respond to all citizen requests in a timely, courteous fashion.”





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