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Experience the Springs – October 10 & 11

Experience the Springs with Leadership Pikes Peak


Colorado Springs, CO – October 10 & 11, 2012 –Experience the Springs with Leadership Pikes Peak, Wednesday evening, October 19 and all day, Thursday, October 11.  Experience the Springs provides an opportunity for community residents to learn about issues facing the Pikes Peak region now and in the future. Participants will learn about the local arts scene, our public education system, history of our region, our local government, the state and regional economy, and the challenges of our human services agencies. This interactive program also takes you on behind-the-scenes guided tours of various local locations.

Experience the Springs is a perfect starting point for new community members, new managers, those recently retired, or anyone interested in becoming more engaged in our community. Experience the Springs gives community members a rare backstage look into the Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.

For additional information or to register for Experience the Springs, call 632-2618 or email Becci@leadershippikespeak.org.  The program includes transportation, meals, behind the scenes tours.  The program cost is $200.

Leadership Pikes Peak is the gateway to community engagement and is defined by our passion, purpose, and focus.  Our passion is fostering the vision and courage of citizens to lead.  Our purpose is helping individuals make the world a better place in their own unique ways.  Our focus is developing community trustees and facilitating their enduring contributions.

For more information about any of our leadership development programs, please visit www.leadershippikespeak.org.




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