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“Eva Luna” Premieres In Japan On September 9TH On TBS CHANNEL

“Eva Luna,” starring Guy Ecker & Blanca Soto, in TBS Channel’s TV Guide


Produced in High Definition (HD) by Venevision Productions,

the award-winning novela was masterfully edited specifically for the Asian market



Venevision International, a global entertainment company of the Cisneros Group of Companies, announces the premiere of the award-winning telenovela “Eva Luna” this Sunday, September 9th, on TBS Channel in Japan


“After conquering most of the regions of the world, ‘Eva Luna’ now becomes the first Latin telenovela to be broadcasted by TBS in its distinguished 60-year history,” emphasized Cesar Diaz, Vice President of Sales of Venevision International.  “This is not only an accomplishment for the highly-successful novela, it represents a major stride in the globalization of our products as we continue to make significant inroads in Asia thanks in great part to the quality and integrity of our productions.”


The broadcast of the special-edition of the celebrated telenovela starring the beautiful Blanca Soto and heartthrob Guy Ecker is product of a multiple-platform deal with TBS Service, an affiliate company of Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings (TBS), one of the leading television networks in Japan.  TBS Channel is its satellite Pay-TV channel.


Exclusively tailored to the Asian market, “Eva Luna” was masterfully adapted and edited to 26 one-hour episodes that were dubbed in Japanese by TBS, which will exploit the success of the hit dramatic series, making it available in Japan through video-on-demand and video streaming via the Internet and mobile devices, in addition to the upcoming broadcast on its Pay-TV channel.


“Eva Luna” has been a hit the world over, and now Japan will join the long list of countries where it has been successfully broadcasted, including Argentina, Israel, Paraguay, Hungary, Spain, United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Russia, Lithuania, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Estonia, Chile, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Canada and Venezuela.  What’s more, in the United States, “Eva Luna” became the highest-rated domestically-produced novela in U.S. history.  Soon, it’s expected to air in such countries as Bolivia, Croatia, Guatemala, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Moldova, among other international markets.


“Eva Luna” was produced in high definition (HD) by Venevision Productions, one of the production houses of the Cisneros Group of Companies, and was bestowed a Rockie Award for ‘Best Telenovela of the Year’ as part of the Banff World Media Festival.  Internationally, the novela is exploited around the world byVenevision International with close to 40 years in the industry, distributing television programming to more than 104 countries and in more than 20 languages.


A cast of internationally acclaimed actors and actresses give life to this powerful novela originally written by Leonardo Padron and adapted by Alex Hadad. “Eva Luna” is a modern love story set in the city of Los Angeles and revolves around the life of Eva Gonzalez (Blanca Soto), a strikingly beautiful, humble and enterprising young woman.  Eva comes to the U.S. with her father and younger sister in search of a better life.  Eva finds true love when she meets Daniel Villanueva (Guy Ecker), a successful advertising executive and wealthy widower who has a young daughter.  But Daniel’s best friend, Leonardo (Julian Gil), is a consummate ‘Casanova’ who is determined to conquer Eva at all cost, creating an irreparable rift between the two friends.  Additionally, Victoria (Vanessa Villela), Daniel’s fiancée and Leonardo’s sister, and Marcela (Susana Dosamantes), his boss and future mother-in-law, will also stop at nothing to keep them apart.


Eva suddenly loses her father in an automobile accident and an unfortunate twist of fate leads her to believe that Daniel was the man behind the wheel.  Devastated by the loss, she vows to avenge his death and Leonardo seizes the opportunity to separate her from Daniel.  Through an unexpected turn of events, Eva inherits the advertising agency for which Daniel works, armed with a position of power and a new identity as ‘Luna,’ she sets her plan for revenge in motion, but struggles between keeping the promise she made at her father’s grave or forgiving Daniel.  Will the love between Eva and Daniel be strong enough to overcome the obstacles that keep them apart?



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