9:05 am - Tuesday December 12, 2017

Colorado Legacy Foundation’s Video to Kick Off Tour

Colorado Legacy Foundation’s Video to Kick Off U.S. Secretary of Education’s Nationwide Bus Tour****

*Video highlights vision for customized teaching and learning *

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Denver, CO — U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will kick off the U.S. Department of Education’s third annual back-to-school bus tour on Wednesday, Sept. 12th at 10 a.m. (MST) in Redwood City, California, with a visit to Sequoia High School. The event will open with a video created by the Colorado Legacy Foundation (CLF) about a vision for customized teaching and learning. This school visit is the official first event in a series of engagements to be held coast-to-coast where Secretary Duncan and other senior leaders from the Department will reinforce the message that *Education Drives America*. The event will be live streamed at www.lennonbus.org/live and there will be a Twitter question stream for online participants.****

“America’s future is directly linked to the quality of education that we provide our children, young people and adults,” said Duncan. “It is the key to a vibrant middle class, strong national security and our global economic competitiveness. This bus tour is an opportunity to highlight what’s working and create momentum for education reforms that improve the lives of all students.”****

The work underway at CLF seeks to accelerate education innovations which look beyond walls, clocks and calendars that define the traditional classroom experience and helps educators and students to create learning experiences that ignite students’ passions and develop them into life-long learners. ****

“We believe that meaningful and permanent improvement to education in Colorado requires an effective leader in every school, an effective teacher in every classroom and healthy and engaging environments that ignite a passion for learning in every student,” said Dr. Helayne Jones, President and CEO of the Colorado Legacy Foundation. “We also believe that education drives America and are honored to have the opportunity to lend our support to the success of this tour and to the leadership of Secretary Duncan.”****

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To view a link to the full video click here .****



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