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Participants Chosen for the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program

Thirty participants have been chosen for the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program (CALP) to comprise class 12.

The eighteen month program, led by the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program, is an intensive study of agriculture worldwide that equips people in the agriculture industry to become leaders in their fields.  “Participants will collaborate with others, and establish mentoring relationships with professionals serving agriculture and rural communities,” said Angie Cue, Executive Director of the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program.

“Given the critical issues facing agriculture today, there is a need to provide an intensive leadership program to develop a new generation of leaders,” said State Representative Jerry Sonnenberg, Board President of the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program.

The course focuses on communications, government, policy, economics, social & cultural issues and change management.   Through the program, leaders will have the opportunity to travel internationally, nationally and statewide to extend their knowledge on the global agriculture industry.

The first session will begin in September.

For more information about CALP, see coloagleaders.org

The 2012-14 CALP participants are:

Andy Bartlett – Merino

Tracee Bentley – Windsor

Carlee Brown – Denver

Katherine Burse-Johnson – Denver

Adrian Card – Longmont

Dustin Cooksey – Roggen

James Diamond – Yuma

Michael Fisher – Eckley

Landon Gates – Denver

Cindy Lair – Lakewood

Luke Larson – Fowler

John Lestina – Dove Creek

Mary Sue Liss – Elbert

Michael Macklin – Fort Collins

Chip Marks – Thornton

Bob Mattive – Monte Vista

Gary Melcher – Walsh

Greg Perry – Fort Collins

Wes Pollart – Sterling

Quint Redmond – Golden

Lanny Roth – Commerce City

Brett Rutledge – Yuma

Robyn Scherer – Fort Collins

Scott Schlagel – Longmont

Cody Sullivan – Eaton

Larri Tappy – Sterling

Hannah Todd – Crawford

Joyce Wallace – Greeley

Nikki Weathers – Yuma

Brad Webb – Palisade




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