4:49 am - Friday December 15, 2017

Automotive Preferences of Latinos in the USA

Safety and gas economy are the two main decisive factors for U.S. Hispanic mobile users

when buying a new car, revealed the latest mobile survey conducted by RedMas.

Miami, FL (USA) – RedMas, the leading Hispanic Mobile Ad Network and Mobile Studio in U.S. and Latin America, surveyed a sampling of the 33 million Hispanic mobile subscribers in the United States about their preferences when purchasing a new vehicle.

The survey, “Quiero mi carro nuevo: U.S. Hispanics Automobile Preferences 2012” conducted through RedMas’ vast network of mobile sites, found that 40% of Hispanic mobile users selected safety as the determining factor when buying a car, while 35% chose gas economy as being the most important consideration prior to signing a new vehicle contract.

“It is really encouraging to see how our survey uncovered key findings about the Hispanic mobile community’s choices when acquiring a new automobile. This information provides guidance to marketers and brands that are looking to reach the Hispanic car shopper through mobile advertising. RedMas is dedicated to its corporate commitment of providing in-depth information on this ever-growing demographic with astonishing buying-power,” asserted Jorge A. Rincon, CEO of RedMas.

Mobile devices are an efficient search tool before buying:

Hispanic consumers are well informed car buyers. They rely upon their mobile devices to search for information and compare prices before making a vehicle purchase. 36% of respondents use their mobile phones for price comparisons, while 22% seek information and reviews.

Me llevo la Troca (pickup truck)!:

Hispanics can’t deny their preferences for a pickup truck. 32% of Hispanic mobile users are planning to purchase a pickup truck as their next vehicle. As for other popular automobiles, 17% of Hispanics preferred sport cars, 12% would rather have medium-size sedans, and 11% went for SUVs. They definitely shied away from big cars with only 2% opting for large sedans for their next purchase.

I LOVE my car:

It’s not a secret that U.S. Hispanics tend to be loyal customers, and it’s no different when it comes to the brand of their vehicles. 38% of Hispanic mobile consumers are planning to buy the same brand of automobile they currently own.

Preference of automakers:

The U.S. Hispanic mobile buyer leans towards cars made in Japan or United States with Toyota leading all automakers with 24%, followed by Chevrolet (22%) and Ford (20%). As to their luxury car preferences, BMW is their first option with 27% of the picks, and Mercedes Benz coming in a close second with 24%.

I want a new car:

21% of Latino mobile users are planning to purchase a new car within a year, and 23% within the next 24 months.



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