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A Rock Star Teaches Reading With Music And Sees A 300% Gain In Fluency

A Rock Star Guide, Hip Music, and a Break from the Norm Gives Teachers, Parents and Homeschoolers a Way to Motivate, Inspire and Increase Kids’ Reading Skills, Graphed Data Included.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., — Lyrics2learn.com was created and tested in Colorado classrooms during the 2011/12 school year. The site offers teachers, parents and homeschoolers an engaging supplemental reading curriculum, complete with stories, lessons, animation, questions, tests, music, graphed results, test taking strategies and member lesson sharing for $5.00 to $10.00. Lyrics2learn.com was developed by teachers who wanted a way to motivate and engage young readers in a new way. By allowing kids to read along with rappers and musicians, they found it. Students get a break from traditional reading instruction, while teachers get real, immediate data aligned with State Common Core Reading Concepts. It is an on-line reading program that assesses, improves and pinpoints strengths and weaknesses in comprehension through many genres, both with and without music, all while instilling rich language, strong character lessons and endless background knowledge students will transfer to reading, and speaking in everyday life.

During the 2011 pilot study, students improved their scores by an average of 300%. They went from an average gain of 5 words per minute (WPM) in one semester, to an average gain of 15 WPM after eight weeks of Lyrics2learn. The old, proven concept of opening the brain and learning to music has been modernized, re-vamped and integrated into a comprehensive literacy program that integrates everything from science and history to character development. Students increase fluency by reading with an artist performing music that sounds more like radio than classroom, only the content is integrated into classroom standards. Kids listen, track and read to a lesson/song as the lyrics flash across the screen in phrases. Students improve fluency, memorize information, and learn to think with depth. As they become more familiar and fluent with the text, they answer questions that get progressively harder with each lesson (See Depth of Knowledge (DOK) in Common Core State Standards). They can concentrate less on the sounds and letters, and more on depth and meaning. Through rhythm, rhyme, and repeated reading, kids re-train their brain to see, recognize, process, and verbalize text more quickly. 100% of the students who participated in the pilot voted to continue the program after the initial sessions. 90% of those using it in classrooms say it’s their favorite part of reading.

The pilot sessions, conducted in Colorado Springs, Colorado, were at 7:15 a.m. Students came to school and participated, sometimes walking during winter months to make sure they didn’t miss the sessions. Soon students could be seen in circles, reciting the lyrics in the halls after school. Lyrics2learn was then offered to the teachers from the same school who had witnessed the results. 34 out of 35 teachers committed to using the program in their classrooms. This amount of interest from a diverse group of teachers spoke volumes about the program’s integrity and effectiveness. The teachers who wrote the stories then developed the program more comprehensively, and launched it on-line. For kids, Lyrics2learn addresses multiple senses and learning styles. Educators get a quality, supplemental reading program that improves, motivates, assesses, and gives immediate feedback.



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