9:15 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Wind Production Tax Credit Wins a Key Step Towards Extension

Following the passage today of several tax incentive provisions by the Senate Finance Committee, including the wind energy production tax credit, Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio offered the following reaction:

“Today’s progress is important for 6,000 of our friends and neighbors working in the wind energy sector in Colorado. These are quality jobs in an industry important to Colorado’s new energy economy and a critical component to growing Colorado’s middle-class. And while bipartisanship is increasingly rare in Washington, today we saw an example of how important it is when Senators from both parties work together to support American jobs and manufacturing.

“Special thanks are owed to Senator Udall and Senator Bennet for their relentless work to keep this tax credit in place for Colorado workers. I would encourage every member of Colorado’s House delegation to work diligently to pass this legislation through their chamber once it’s cleared the U.S. Senate.”



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