9:16 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Toby Love Offers a Glimpse of His Next Album

The single ‘Lejos’ is gaining popularity in

the U.S. and Latin America


Produced by Top Stop Music, the album will

be released by the end of 2012


‘Lejos’ was co-produced by renowned composer

and multiple Grammy Award winner,

Sergio George and Edwin Pérez, “Eddie”

 The urban bachata has no greater interpreter than singer Toby Love, who has taken it to ever greater heights as the bachata sound continues to explode on the international scene.
Born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican parents, this young vocalist proved at an early age that his musical style is truly unique. After parting ways with the popular bachata group Aventura, Love continues electrifying audiences with each one of his songs. He is climbing to even greater heights now under the record label Top Stop Music, based in Delray Beach, Florida.
His latest single “Lejos,” co-produced by the multiple Grammy Award winner Sergio George and Edwin Pérez, “Eddie”, is already gaining popularity in the U.S. and Latin American markets.
With this new single, the one-time backup singer for Aventura has added a first-rate composition to his already popular repertoire. Other hits by Love include “Don’t Cry,” “Tengo un Amor,” “Amores Como el Tuyo,” “Llorar Lloviendo,” “Corazón,” “Casi, Casi” and “Quizás.”
A musically gifted child, Toby began playing drums when he was only five years old and at eight years of age joined the ‘merengue’ group Los Juveniles. He has come a long way since then and “Lejos” is an excellent example of what his new album, scheduled for release in late 2012, has to offer.
With influences as diverse as the musical styles of R.Kelly, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Lauryn Hill, Héctor Lavoe and Juan Luis Guerra, Toby Love has put together a fascinating repertoire that includes a fusion of R&B with both traditional and modern ‘bachata’.
This has guaranteed his staying power since his solo debut in 2006. Later albums like “Toby Love Reloaded (2007),” “Love Is Back” (2008) and “La Voz De La Juventud (2011),” would take his career to enviable heights of popularity in countries like the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, Japan and Australia.
Among the many awards Love has garnished to date are the Billboard Latin Music Award for Tropical Airplay Song of the Year for “Tengo un amor” and a nomination to the Latin Grammy, together with Alexis & Fido, for his collaboration on the song “Soy Igual que Tú.”



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