9:16 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

They are ICONS of Grupero Music

Sometimes it’s wonderful to look back and observe the evolution of grupero music – now known as Regional Mexican music – over decades, and to note how the primary exponents in different genres have left their mark on the musical history of our country and elsewhere beyond its borders.

These artists, whose music and style have been an example to today’s generations, are known as icons, and this is precisely the name of the collection series that was launched in the month of May and which includes artists such as LOS REHENES, LIBERACION, LOS BUKIS, CONJUNTO PRIMAVERA, LOS ACOSTA, LOS ANGELES AZULES, EL RECODO, PATRULLA 81 and BRONCO, a compilation that makes its presence known with eight groups whose music catalogs in the norteño, duranguense, grupero and banda genres are invaluable.

On the norteño end, we have EL PODER DEL NORTE, LOS RIELEROS and LOS TRAILEROS DEL NORTE. Each group has decades of experience and many hits that at the time of their release set the standard to follow within the genre of accordion and bajo sexto (“sixth bass”).

On the Duranguense side is MONTEZ DE DURANGO, whose musical movement sparked the craze for this genre and shortly after prompted the creation of an assortment of groups that adopted the style of “pasito duranguense” (“the Duranguense step”).

It’s romantic groups that make up the cream of the crop of banda music, and the ICONS to represent the keyboards and romantic cumbias of this genre are LOS YONIC’S and LOS FUGITIVOS, two groups that won the hearts of every listener with their music.

And lastly, the sound of the tuba and the clarinet make themselves heard through two outstanding groups – The legendary BANDA MOVIL, and the so called #1 band in America: LA ARROLLADORA BANDA EL LIMON DE RENE CAMACHO – both artists with a musical treasury worthy of the collection.

Each CD in this series consists of 25 songs that are certain to be a delight to those who grew up with – and still enjoy – grupero music.



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