10:27 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

Mars Landing at Mars Convention‏

Two chemistry and engineering students accompanied by Engineering Professor Dr. Huseyin Sarper from Colorado State University-Pueblo viewed the August 6 Mars landing of the Curiosity along with other scientists attending the 15th annual Mars Society Convention in Pasadena, Calif. Later that day, the students shared a presentation about how to create oxygen and fuel from the red planets’ available resources.


Alex Klein, a junior engineering (mechatronics) major from Elizabeth, and Mike Bender, senior chemistry and industrial engineering major from Brighton, outlined how available Martian water and solar cells could be used to create oxygen for life using a Sabatier reactor and solar-powered electrolysis tank, according to CSU-Pueblo Professor of Engineering Dr. Huseyin Sarper. The students also explained how hydrogen reacts with available carbon dioxide to produce methane gas that could be used as rocket fuel for returning to Earth as well as fuel needed for driving rovers over Mars’ rocky terrain.



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