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Sky Sox: SkyFest 2012

Largest Fireworks Show of the Season to Feature “The Avengers”



COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – With the end of every Sky Sox season comes the excitement of the largest fireworks show of the year. Skyfest 2012 is set for Saturday, September 1st and the biggest and most exciting pyrotechnic extravaganza of the season will amaze the fireworks enthusiast in all of us as this show is twice the size of our normal Friday fireworks show. This yearly event is in it’s third season and the excitement has been building each and every year so fans are encourage to get their tickets early for the 6:05 PM game against the Las Vegas 51s.

As part of the festivities this year, the Sky Sox will be welcoming The Avengers to Security Service Field. The wildly popular action heroes from comic book and blockbuster movie fame will be at the ballpark in person to pose for pictures and sign autographs for fans as well as participate in the Skyfest entertainment.

The characters, which are all stars of the recent summer blockbuster movie “Marvel’s The Avengers”, that will be in attendance at the game are:

·         Iron Man – The iron clad super hero alter ego of Tony Stark.

·         Captain America – The patriotic hero of lore and the “First Avenger”.

·         The Hulk – A giant, green, irradiated mutant super hero who is the alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner.

·         Black Widow – A former soviet spy and enemy of Iron Man who defected to the US and became a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.

·         Hawkeye – A grandmaster marksman with considerable strength

·         Loki – The adopted brother and archenemy of Thor who terrorized earth in the recent Avengers movie.

Fans can purchase tickets online at www.skysox.com, over the phone at (719) 591-SOXX or in person at the Sky Sox box office. Come out and enjoy a night at the ballpark and experience a night like no other!

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