9:02 pm - Tuesday January 23, 2018

Safety First – West Rail Line Overhead Wires Go Hot!

As the opening of the Regional Transportation District’s West Rail Line draws near, RTD is preparing to activate the electrical lines that power the system. Multiple systems tests must take place prior to opening the line, so as a safety measure RTD wants the public to know that the overhead lines will be energized.

“Everyone should consider the overhead lines energized or HOT and a potential hazard from now on,” said Jim Starling, project manager for the West Rail Line.

With the exception of the passenger station platforms, people need to be careful anytime they are in the general vicinity of the light rail system, as several potential dangers are present. Examples include the running rails which can be a tripping hazard, the uneven ballast rock surface that makes walking difficult, the moveable parts of a switch where a person’s foot can be trapped, the street crossings which pose a potential danger for auto and train collisions, as well as the energized overhead lines.

“RTD urges everyone to stay away from the tracks, the overhead wires and all elements of the light rail system as we finalize construction and start the testing process,” said Starling. The West Rail Line is scheduled to open to the public on April 26, 2013.

The West Rail Line is a 12.1-mile light rail line that will serve Denver, Lakewood, Golden and Jefferson County, connecting Denver Union Station to the Jefferson County Government Center. It is scheduled to open with an expected daily ridership of 19,300.

FasTracks will build 122 miles of commuter rail and light rail, 18 miles of bus rapid transit service, add 21,000 new parking spaces, redevelop Denver Union Station and redirect bus service to better connect the eight-county District.

Currently, RTD has 81 miles of rail and bus rapid transit in construction or under contract. For more information about FasTracks, visit www.RTD-FasTracks.com.



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