11:26 am - Sunday February 18, 2018

Quick Aerial Mulching Facts

Waldo Canyon Fire Aerial Mulching Info
Blodgett Peak Open Space Trailhead
·         Emergency aerial mulching treatments to restore soil cover in critical High and Moderate Soil Burn Severity areas and protect  surrounding area, from increases in flood flows, landslides, and debris flows.

·         Aerial application of Woodshred and Certified Weed-Free Ag-Straw help reduce erosion and fosters plant growth.

·         Woodschred will be used on steeper slopes,  approx 1,960 acres, at approx 6 tons/acre, and  ½ inch mulch layer

·         Weed Free straw will be used on low angle slopes, approx. 1,080 acres, approx. 1 ton/acre, and at least 1 inch mulch layer

·         Aerial services required to apply mulch within steep and inaccessible roadless terrain. Aircraft are needed to apply mulch to the ground to replace ground cover, maintain soil moisture and accelerate recovery of native vegetation.

·         Contract award date approx. Aug 17 – start date approx  27 Aug



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