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Not one more acre!

Not 1 More Acre!

Do you ever feel it is impossible to make a positive difference in our crazy world? Don’t give up.

If you have helped renew the funding ban preventing the largest military expansion in U.S. history, you are wielding enormous positive effect in our world.

The timeline below shows how close to the brink of takeover by the Pentagon, its contractors and politicians we are and why we must continue our work.

We put the timeline together so you can see how important your support for the funding ban prohibiting military expansion is.

The timeline begins in 1999 and documents secret military land expansion planning and real estate deals for a massive land grab in southeastern Colorado to establish the largest Transformation Joint Forces Special Operations Training Area in the world.

Ranchers, rural towns people, national grassland and wildlife advocates, taxpayers — none of us — knew our lives, livelihoods, cultural heritage and everything there is to love about the shortgrass prairie were being bargained away in secret.

The timeline reveals corruption that is literally displacing our democracy. Military takeovers that are planned in secret and pursued against the interests and will of the people are no good.

More than ever, your voices and actions will be needed this autumn and winter to help realize a permanent end to Pentagon expansion across southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.

Please add trusted others to your list and prepare for a wild ride through the end of 2012.

Together we are making the case for policies that protect rather than damage, encourage
balance rather than excess, and which bring together people and our planet in health and wellness.

Transformation Timeline:  Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS)

Transformation Programmatic Study issued. Transformation is the “Revolution in Military Affairs”(RMA) centered on Joint Special Operations forces to conduct “covert deep insertions over great distances leveraging radical advances in information technology, lethal weapons and platform speeds at both the tacticaland operational levels.”
1997 Quadrennial Defense Review 


Secret Transformation land and airspace expansion at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site advanced.
Revised DOD Land Acquisition Policy document issued.
Army training land acquisitions, of which estimates exceed one million dollars in price or one thousand acres in size, are subject to a secret approval process before any disclosure to the public.
The process required secret approval by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Housing of Land Use Requirements Studies (LURS issued: 3/05; 4/05) and Analysis of Alternatives Studies (AAS issued: 5/04; 4/05) and Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installation and Environment secret approval of an Army Major Land Acquisition Proposal (MLAP approved: 2/8/07).


The Nature Conservancy signed a publicly undisclosed Memorandum of Agreement with Ft. Carson and the Medical Research Acquisition Activity at Ft. Dietrich to encumber private land surrounding Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site to be managed “with appropriate recognition of military requirements . . . . [The Nature Conservancy] will win powerful allies in the conservation community for the expansion effort and go a long way toward mitigating ‘generic’ opposition from environmental groups.”


Pentagon issued internal Transformation strategy documents:
1) Military Transformation: A Strategic Approach 
2) Army Transformation Road Map

12 Apr

Army secretly issued Analysis of Alternative Study. “The acquisition of land contiguous to PCMS is clearly the preferred alternative. This option provides the most cost effective and training efficient alternative to meet both the current and future requirements of Army and Joint Forces. The demonstrated efficacy of using Fort Carson and Pinon Canyon as an integrated training facility will be multiplied by the acquisition of additional land sufficient to meet the training requirements of the Modular Force and, in all probability, the bulk of the requirements of the Future Joint Force.
Currently, a window of opportunity to acquire land at very attractive prices exists. If the Army acts boldly and with vision, land can be obtained that will satisfy Army training requirements for decades to come. This acquisition initiative, if properly executed, can also benefit from an extremely pro-military climate in Southeast Colorado that is more amenable to accepting expansion as part of the Global War on terrorism than some other areas of the country.”


Construction and operation of A Live Fire Maneuver Range at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, CO 

[When PCMS was established largely by condemnation in the 1980’s, the Pentagon promised they would never be back for more land and there would be no live fire at the maneuver site.]


Pentagon ordered 8,500 troops, their families and support personnel be moved from underpopulated Ft. Hood, TX to overpopulated Ft. Carson, CO.


Army secretly issued Piñon Vision, the Pentagon’s detailed phased land acquisition plan to take 7 million acres 
all of southeastern Colorado — to establish the largest robotic high-tech warfare training area in the world.Not 1 More Acre! obtained Piñon Vision by order of the federal court.
    phased expansion map
Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site Expansion Map leaked to ranchers living in Pentagon’s Area of Acquisition. Army denied expansion plans were underway. The map was later found in the military’s final PCMS expansion acquisition plans obtained by order of the federal court.

24 Apr

Army conducted first public meetings in southeastern Colorado re: PCMS Transformation Environmental Impact Statement. Army continued to deny any existence of plans for massive Transformation land and airspace expansion at PCMS.


Colorado General Assembly approved resolution expressing their desire to protect private property from being taken for military training purposes.

18 Jul

Army submitted secret request to Pentagon for acquisition of the first 418,577 acres of the planned 7 million acre military land grab to establish “the largest Joint Force Special Operations training area in the world.” The secret land acquisition request was mysteriously shelved until February 2007.

13 Oct

Army issued the Draft Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site Transformation Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”). Army’s EIS did not admit or analyze impacts of extensive expansion plans. The EIS aimed to establish Transformation (robotic high-tech warfare) training at the existing 235,000 acre PCMS.

17 Oct

US Senators Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar passed hidden legislation authorizing the Secretary of the Army to acquire real property to expand Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site, CO.

[Neither Senator Allard nor then Senator Salazar disclosed or discussed the authorization enabling expansion with ranchers, rural communities, cultural preservationists, national grassland advocates or taxpayers whose land and airspace are to be taken. To date, the authorization is in effect. Until provisions enabling expansion are nullified, the annually renewed funding ban is the only thing preventing land acquisition.]

4 Jan

Again, Senator Wayne Allard introduced legislation in a defense committee to, “authorize the Secretary of the Army to acquire land for the purpose of expanding Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site.”
Senator Allard is quoted in the Congressional Record:
“I have been told repeatedly by Army officials that the genesis of Fort Carson’s expansion proposal occurred when several landowners approached Fort Carson and expressed their strong desire to sell. I also understand that sufficient numbers of willing sellers exist to support a significant expansion of the site.”

[Really? Military strategy is guided by “willing sellers”?  Who could the “willing sellers” be? Ranchers, rural communities, wildlife advocates, historic preservationists and taxpayers did not know about the massive expansion plans being secretly advanced by the Pentagon, its contractors and politicians.]
19 Jan
Articles of Organization for Walker VII-River Canyon Ranch, LLC, filed with Colorado Secretary of State by Craig Walker.


Colorado Preservation, Inc. added the Santa Fe Trail to Colorado’s Most Endangered Places List due to the threat of militarization.

7 Feb

Army resubmits secret request to Pentagon for acquisition of the first 418,577 acres of private and public lands of the 7 million acre military takeover.  

8 Feb

The Department of Defense secretly approved Army’s request to acquire the first 418,577 acres of a planned 7 million acre expansion at Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site to establish the largest robotic warfare training area in the world.

26 Feb

Craig Walker put River Canyon Ranch — located directly south of PCMS — under contract for $28 million.


Gearing up for a US Senate campaign, then US House member Mark Udall introduced a provision promoting expansion.

25 Apr

Craig Walker and B Hill purchased River Canyon Ranch. River Canyon with two other ranches owned by Craig Walker are scheduled to be the first expansion properties acquired according to the military’s own definitive land acquisition document Piñon Vision. See parcels 1 and 2 on expansion map above.

3 May

Colorado General Assembly passed legislation opposing the acquisition of property for military training in Colorado.

14 June

National Trust for Historic Preservation added Pinon Canyon and surrounding lands to its list of the nation’s most endangered places due to military takeover plans.

15 June

U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly (383 – 34) adopted an amendment – authored by Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (CO-4) and co-sponsored by Rep. John Salazar (CO-3) – preventing funding of any aspect of expansion – including spending on land acquisition at Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site.
The funding ban became law in the Appropriations Bill on December 26, 2007. Because Colorado’s U.S. Senators have failed to legislate the end of expansion, the appropriations ban must be renewed each and every year in the House by grassroots advocacy and lobbying. Robust grassroots action is needed each year to keep the funding ban in place.

2 Aug

Air Force Special Operations Command Assets Beddown
at Cannon Air Force Base, NM Environmental Impact Statement.  Proposal for largest airspace expansion U.S. history to establish Transformation Joint Operations warfare training across all of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.
Despite overwhelming support for the funding ban in the House of Representatives the Army issued a Record of Decision to establish Transformation at Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, CO.

5 Sept

Attempts to kill the Senate version of the funding ban failed. The U.S. Senate passed a mirror version of Musgrave one-year funding ban by a single vote cast by then U.S. Senator Sam Brownback (KS).

[Every year since the spending ban was first passed, Colorado’s U.S. Senators have failed to include the funding ban in the Senate version of the Appropriations Bill.]

26 Dec

President signed Omnibus including the funding ban.
None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available in this Act may be used for any action that is related to or promotes the expansion of the boundaries or size of the expansion of the boundaries or size of the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, CO.



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