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Modern Science and Ancient Cosmology

Science on TV Boosting U.S. Fascination with Space, Spirituality
Expert Points to Science-Validated Answers in Ancient Texts

Thanks to popular documentaries and programs like “Fearless Planet” and “Through the Wormhole” on TV’s Discovery and Science Channel, studying the universe is no longer reserved for academicians in lecture halls.

“Because filmmakers and producers have made it entertaining and present science in language everyone can understand, there’s an increased interest in the genesis of the universe, and its future,” says Sanjay C. Patel, (www.SanjayCPatel.com), author of God Is Real, a book that explores similarities between modern science and ancient cosmology.

What many people don’t realize, says Patel, is that ancient Indian yogis, Israelites and early Christians all agreed on the origins of life and the universe. Moreover, new studies indicate many of their ancient beliefs correspond with the findings of modern science
For instance, the scientific age of the universe is 13.7 billion years old, says Patel. When comparing this age to the Bible, if it is divided into six equal days spanning 2.28 billion years each, biblical Genesis’s timeline across all seven “days” suddenly corresponds with past and future episodes in our galaxy and Earth. In total, 21 major correspondences emerge.

One among them is the following timeline:

• Science says: the Sun and moon formed about 4.6 to 4.5 billion years ago.

• Bible says: On Day 4 – “God made the two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night.” This would be 4.56 billion years ago. (2 days or eons ago since we are currently at the beginning of day 7.)

Other interesting correspondences:

• Science says: Volcanic fire scorched India about 118 million years ago. Nearby oceanic volcanoes submerged about 100 million years ago. These submarine volcanoes suck in seawater through cracks and pores and remove salt from the water. They then expel the desalinated water back into the ocean through hydrothermal vents.

• Ancient Yogis said: Volcanic fire scorched India about 120 million years ago. Related volcanoes in the ocean south of India submerged about 117 million years ago. “The submarine Fire exists in the ocean. It drinks the seawater and removes its saltiness. It then expels the desalinated water from another opening.”

For those who believe 2012 marks an end – be it because of the Mayan Long Calendar’s end or some other prophecy – Patel offers this far-future convergence:

• Science says: In about 2 billion years time, Earth will be so hot there will be no life on it. Volcanism will be common and the planet’s surface will be scorched by the fire of lava and sulfur.

• Ancient Yogis said: In about 2.35 billion years time, there will be no life on Earth due to volcanic fire.

• Bible says: in about 2.28 billion years – by the end of day 7 – life on Earth will end in volcanic fire and brimstone (sulfur).

Patel has found 121 points of agreement across 30 years of analysis and research based on expert translations of yoga literature dating back to 1500 B.C., biblical texts which date back to about 1000 B.C., and translations of the Talmud – an equally ancient biblical tradition.

“So many correspondences cannot be coincidence,” says Patel, whose research has appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Marine Scientist in the United Kingdom.



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