9:15 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

“Miss Venezuela 2012 Interactive Gala” A Multimedia Phenomenon

More than 4 million votes and over 150 million impressions were obtained

through social media and the Internet, converting the ‘Interactive Gala’

into a spectacle of Social TV


As part of the Cisneros Group of Companies’ digital strategy

Venevision has been creating multimedia content and properties

as integral elements in the production of programming



Venevision and the Miss Venezuela Organization of the Cisneros Group of Companies celebrate the remarkable success of the “Miss Venezuela 2012 Interactive Gala,” a multimedia spectacle that captivated millions of Latin Americans during its broadcast this past Saturday, August 11th, capturing a 59% share of Venezuela’s television audience and accumulating more than 153 million impressions on Twitter.


“The impressive success of the ‘Miss Venezuela 2012 Interactive Gala’ and its multimedia properties is the direct result of the digital strategy that we have been implementing for the past five years as part of our business plan of corporate innovation,” highlighted Rafael Garcia, Vice President of Digital Content of the Cisneros Interactive Group.  “Today, all of the programming from our production companies, be it from Venezuela [Venevision] or the United States [Venevision Productions], contains digital content and properties for multimedia proliferation and broadcast, from our acclaimed telenovelas to our controversial talk shows.  We are at the forefront of Social TV.”


For the ‘Interactive Gala,’ for example, 4,080,232 votes were tabulated to select the winners of the nine special titles for which the public served as judges, expressing their preference through the social media service Twitter and the pageant’s website www.missvenezuela.com.  This figure triples the total obtained in last year’s first edition of the gala, making it a true phenomenon among audiences throughout Latin America, witnessing the spectacle not only on their traditional television sets, but also via the web and social media.  In terms of measurements of television audience reported by AGB Venezuela, the live broadcast captured a commanding 59% share, doubling the closest program in total individuals during its timeslot between 7:00 and 9:44 PM.


As if not enough, the hashtag #GalaInteractiva obtained 153,426,011 impressions on Twitter, with a total of 5,874 tweets, according to TweetReach.  And it remained the national top trending topic in Venezuela; while other hashtags and related words directly linked to the program were also among the hottest trends.


One of the first achievements of the Cisneros Group’s digital initiative was the musical teen series “Somos Tú y Yo” [You and Me], which encompassed a 360˚ strategy.  In 2007, the series revolutionized the market by featuring various Internet pages, a massive fan club and a number of musical videos on YouTube, which were watched by millions of users; what’s more, the final episode was broadcast simultaneously on television and the Internet.


Another great example of the digital initiative within the Cisneros Group’s productions is the intriguing telenovela “La Viuda Joven” [The Black Widow], which achieved excellent results among television audience measurements during its 10-month broadcast on Venevision with an average share of 51.6%, and an impressive 79% share during its grand finale.  The dramatic series was yet another phenomenon on social media, as well, making “La Viuda Joven” a trending topic around the world.  Four of the 10 most tweeted topics were related to the telenovela, and its website registered 71,000 visits during the final episode alone.


“This multimedia strategy has been incorporated in all of the company’s productions, increasing revenue-generating opportunities through social media, mobile services and the Internet, a value not only for the Cisneros Group and its global distributor Venevision International, but also for our clientele around the world, as well,” emphasized Garcia.  “For us, this is already a standard procedure in the production of programming.”



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