3:16 pm - Saturday January 21, 4767

Mayor Bach on Target….Congress in the Way

Applauds Mayor’s Call for 6,000 Jobs, but Federal Policies are an Obstacle

Independent candidate for Congress, Dave Anderson, applauded Colorado Springs Mayor, Steve Bach, for his call to create 6,000 new jobs annually in the Pikes Peak region at yesterday’s State of the City Luncheon hosted by the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC. Anderson, however, said the Mayor, Chamber and EDC need to begin by lobbying Congress to take a new direction in our economic policies.

“We can do everything right on the local level, but if we don’t address poor decisions made by Congress on a macro-economic level, we’re fighting with both arms tied behind our back. The Chamber and EDC can market the region as a great place to do business because it is; however, Congress is THE obstacle to job growth and genuine prosperity,” said Anderson.

Anderson was speaking of our present tax and trade policies which put our global competitors at a distinct advantage against American business. The Independent Congressional candidate has proposed elimination of the corporate tax — which taxes jobs and productivity – along with lowering the individual income tax, in exchange for a Value Added Tax (VAT). Anderson has also proposed closing loopholes that encourage outsourcing and placing countervailing duties on foreign nations that engage in deceptive trade practices.

“Most of the manufacturing jobs we lost in Colorado Springs were related to the national move of electronics to Asia. There is no inherent competitive advantage to manufacturing electronics in Asia – except for the huge foreign government subsidies and tax benefits that Congress has voted for in each of the so-called ‘free-trade agreements’ that have been approved in Congress since 1994,” stated Anderson – a past recipient of the EDC’s “Excellence in Local Industry Award.”

Statistics show population in the Pikes Peak region has grown by 100,000 in the last ten (10) years, yet there are 10,000 fewer jobs. The area has experienced a loss of 15,000 manufacturing jobs in that time frame which would support and estimated 45,000 supply chain and service jobs. Restoration of those 60,000 total jobs over the last ten years would achieve the Mayor’s objective.

Anderson places blame on Congressman Doug Lamborn and other members of Congress who consistently vote for so-called “free-trade” agreements that are neither “free” nor “fair.” “These agreements coupled with foreign governments that subsidize their country’s businesses and practice of currency manipulation make it nearly impossible for our companies to compete,” declared Anderson.

One particular example was legislation that would have addressed currency manipulation by China. Congressman Lamborn was one of only 79 to oppose the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act (H.R. 2378), which passed with an overwhelming 348 bi-partisan votes. Unfortunately the Senate never acted. This year H.R. 639 does the same; however, House Speaker John Boehner is sitting on the bill.

“We must change course if we want to recapture and grow jobs. Communities are reduced to poaching jobs from one another, and that’s not genuine job growth. Right now all the Congress is doing is exporting jobs and importing unemployment. They’re not doing the people’s business, and it’s prolonging our economic stagnation,” concluded Anderson.



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