11:15 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Remarks by Mrs. Lucé Fortuño, First Lady of Puerto Rico

Good evening Tampa! My name is Lucé, and it’s great to be here with you tonight!


I am the proud mother of 20-year-old triplets, a practicing attorney, a proud Latina, and a die-hard Republican!


I am also the wife of someone we’re extremely proud of back home in Puerto Rico: Luis Fortuño.


As Governor, he has unleashed a true Republican revolution that has already accomplished so much. It is a success story of fiscal responsibility, controlled government spending, lower taxes, and pro-growth policies.


But it is also one of caring and compassionate attention to a social and faith-based agenda of unprecedented reach and consequence.


Through it all, I have stood by his side and learned what it takes to be the rock of support to a great leader, just like our next speaker has done for 43 years for our next President, Mitt Romney!


Ann’s story is one of remarkable courage, tenacity, and commitment: a story that stands in its own right, one that inspires all who know her.


A woman of faith, a devoted wife, a caring mother to five boys, a multiple sclerosis and cancer survivor, a tireless advocate, and a timeless First Lady of Massachusetts.


For decades, she’s been a fighter who has championed the cause of disadvantaged children, been an advocate of teenage pregnancy prevention, a leader of faith and community-based initiatives, and an ambassador for multiple sclerosis awareness.


Watching her, during a recent visit to Puerto Rico, I marveled at her ability to endear children, connect with the elderly, and engage workers at a farmers market with such ease, heart, and purpose that people wondered “who was the handsome gentleman next to her?”


No wonder, she’s been Mitt Romney’s secret weapon for 43 years!


No wonder Mitt calls her his personal hero!


Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my friend and the next First Lady of the United States, Ann Romney!



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