9:02 pm - Tuesday January 23, 2018

GOP Nurses: Romney-Ryan Health Plan “Wrong Prescription” for America

The Republican National Convention is under way in Florida, and health care is expected to be a central issue. Not all party members are fans of the Romney-Ryan health care plan. Nurses on the front lines of care have real concerns about the effects on their patients. They’re worried that it would destroy Medicare and Medicaid, and that the Affordable Care Act – which is helping 100 million people afford medical care and ending the worst insurance company abuses – would be repealed.

As a nurse and veteran from central Wisconsin, Dee Ives calls the Romney-Ryan plan the “wrong prescription” for America.

“The Romney-Ryan plan will end Medicare and Medicaid as we know it, and then shift the costs to the tune of thousands of dollars a year – for our seniors, for our veterans, for women and children who simply cannot afford these costs.”

As a lifelong Republican, Ives says she and her colleagues, along with many fellow GOP members, want Romney and Ryan to focus on policies that create jobs – and skip the partisan politics.

“They’re being put in office by citizens who want them to help lead our country forward. We need them to quit working for lobbyists, billionaires, big oil and insurance companies and start working for the people who elect them.”

Supporters of the plan say it will give states more flexibility and reduce costs. However, Ives and other nurses say the Romney-Ryan plan hurts families. She notes Medicaid is often thought of as a program for the very poor, but it also funds the costs for more than two-thirds of older Americans in nursing homes. Ives says nurses want the GOP focus to be on ensuring quality health services, rather than on cutting taxes for big oil, corporations and millionaires.



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