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Exclusive Screening Of “Restless Heart” Proceeds To Benefit Catholic Charities

St. Augustine of Hippo is one of the Christian world’s most beloved and well-known saints. However, his amazing conversion and heroic life have not been told on the big screen … until now.


The Colorado Catholic Herald and Aquinas and More Catholic Goods will hold an exclusive screening of RESTLESS HEART: The Confessions of Augustine at 7 p.m. Aug. 22 at Lon Chaney Theater in City Auditorium, 221 E. Kiowa St., in downtown Colorado Springs. Tickets are $20 and are limited to 225 seats. All proceeds will go to Catholic Charities of Central Colorado for their various ministries serving the poor and vulnerable in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.


RESTLESS HEART provides a historic backdrop and one of the Church’s most beloved and well-known saints – Augustine of Hippo – as its central character to tell a familiar story – as timely today as it was only a few generations after Jesus walked on Earth. It is the story of one who pursues fame and fortune without a moral compass – and the changes that occur when events lead him to see the light. It also chronicles the collapse of the Roman world and how Augustine laid the intellectual foundations of what became Europe.


Filmed in Europe, this major new epic film on the life of St. Augustine is the first full-length feature movie on the story of this incredible man. RESTLESS HEART is directed by Christian Duguay (“Joan of Arc,” “Pius XII”). The $20-million project runs 127 minutes. The cast includes Allesandro Presiosi, Monica Guerritore, Johannes Brandrup, Serena Rossi and Franco Nero.


The film is being brought to big screens in the U.S. by Ignatius Press, one of the largest U.S. publishers and distributors of Catholic books, magazines, videos, DVDs, and music. It is the primary English-language publisher of Pope Benedict XVI’s books.


Concessions will be available for purchase. To reserve tickets, contact Marie at 719-866-6492 or send an e-mail to editor@coloradocatholicherald.com. Seats will be reserved on first-come, first-serve basis. In the event of a sellout, an update will be available at www.coloradocatholicherald.com and through the Herald’s Twitter handle, @ccherald.





“We hope that many who watch this inspiring human drama will allow themselves to be found by the Truth and in return also find Love.” – Pope Benedict XVI


“Many generations of Catholics have turned to the Confessions of Saint Augustine for encouragement and sustenance in living as disciples of the Lord. RESTLESS HEART invites even more people to discover the power of this spiritual classic. This film brings the words of the Confessions to life by enabling us to more fully understand the relationships and the culture that shaped Augustine, and to better grasp his talents and ambitions, sins and struggles and, ultimately, his sanctity.” – Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago


“RESTLESS HEART is a movie in which man’s spiritual nature is successfully portrayed – and God is a real character. Hollywood production standards, but not Hollywood sensibilities. It’s coming from an insider’s point of view. This film is what we’ve been waiting for! Well done. Bravo!”- Sr. Helena Burns, FSP, popular Catholic blogger and film reviewer


“We are thrilled to bring RESTLESS HEART to the big screen. St. Augustine is one of the first Doctors of the Church, along with St. Ambrose, St. Jerome and St. Gregory the Great – named in 1268 by Pope Boniface VIII. His story is inspiring and compelling, and his writings are among the most respected in the world even today.” – Ignatius Press President Mark Brumley


“RESTLESS HEART offers a soul-stirring portrait of a great sinner who became one of the Church’s greatest saints. It’s a timeless conversion story for our age – a testament to the power of Truth.” – National Catholic Register writer Tim Drake

Catholic Charities of Central Colorado is a non-profit organization serving people in need.  Catholic Charities provides compassionate, competent and professional services that strengthen and support individuals, families and communities based on the value and dignity of human life.


Catholic Charities provides numerous services within a 10-county area for the working poor,  homeless, low-income and vulnerable populations.


  • Marian House Soup Kitchen provides a hot, nutritious meal to more than 600 people most days, 365 days a year


  • Marian House Community Outreach Services distributes food, household items, clothing, etc. and provides information, referrals and case management to those who can’t come to the Marian House due to issues such as transportation, child care or disability.


  • Marian House Client Services meets emergency needs through case management and provides services for employment, financial education, parenting education, nutrition education, medical care, clothing closet and emergency supplies & services, and health & hygiene services.


  • Marian House Life Support Services provides case management services, distributes baby food, formula, diapers, children’s and maternity clothes, new toys, and some furniture to children and families in need.  The average family income of our clients is $7,800 per year.


  • Life Connections provides counseling services for families & individuals, adoption services, pregnancy support services such as pregnancy and relinquishment counseling, parent & childbirth education, cradle foster care, RealCare© program, Project Rachel, as well as ongoing support for adoptive and birth families.


  • English language and cultural literacy education for adults and children are available through our Family Immigration Services.  Naturalization and Immigration services are also offered to help immigrants achieve legal residency, green cards, and citizenship status.


  • Parish Social Ministries provides support for parishes, is responsible for Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Relief Services, and networking with the Colorado Catholic Conference.


For more information, please contact:


Catholic Charities of Central Colorado

228 North Cascade Ave.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Phone:  (719) 636-2345

Fax:  (719) 636-1216




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