3:16 pm - Friday January 22, 1999

Easy Ways to Handle the Back to School Grind

It comes in waves – first the college kids head back to school and pretty soon all kids will be back in the normal routine of school buses, lunches and homework five days a week. As you’re wondering how another summer has flown by, USA.gov can help you be prepared with everything you and your kids can be doing to ensure a successful year at school:

While your older kids think they can handle everything college throws at them, it’s important they remember not only to take their studies seriously, but to take care of their health while they’re at school too. The Food and Drug Administration offers free publications on a range of health issues for college age students, including understanding the dangers of tanning, and getting help with the allergies and sleep disorders that can affect their studies.

For upperclassmen in high school, there is a lot to consider when thinking about college as the next step. The U.S. Department of Education provides information on how you can go to college, as well as ways to pay for it once you’ve chosen where you want to go. While financing college can be difficult, there are many ways for students to receive the education they want if they are well prepared.

Although it takes some time for the younger kids to get back into the swing of things and finally sit down and do their homework, once they do, there are many free resources on Kids.gov to help them—and you—with their homework and projects. The Smithsonian Education site allows kids to explore, discover and learn through all varieties of topics including science, art and culture. The Environmental Protection Agency also offers a Homework Zone to help kids understand ecosystems, climate change, recycling and many other science related subjects.

In addition to a great place to find homework help, Kids.gov also offers a safe and fun place for kids to play online games and explore their favorite subjects. Your kids can study, watch videos and review topics all while you know they are doing it in a safe and secure environment with no ads or spam



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